It’s Election Season and as always, CAPS Media is actively engaged. Recently, CAPS crews produced a series of Video Voter 2020 information segments with candidates for the Ventura City Council and the Ventura Unified School District Board. Each candidate was given 2 minutes to present a general statement and then asked to respond to three specific questions from CAPS moderators. Candidates for City District 2 are Doug Halter, Dougie Michie and Christie Weir; District 3 candidates are Barbara Brown, Aaron Gaston, William Cornell and Mike Johnson; District 7 candidates are Heather May Ellinger, Nancy Pedersen, Joe Schroeder and Michael James Nolan. VUSD Area 3 candidates are Jackie Moran and Amy Callahan. The Video Voter series airs on Channel 6 and streams on CAPS Media and on social media thoughout the election season. Broadcast times for City Council candidates include Thursday Oct 8th at noon, Friday at 9am, Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 8pm. VUSD Video Voter statements air Thursday the 8th at 7pm, Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 9:30p and Sunday at 6pm. Check the schedule found on for more dates and times.

The CAPS team is also collaborating with the League of Women Voters in staging and distributing a series of candidate forums and voter information discussions, all of which are airing and streaming on CAPS Media outlets.

CAPS Media board member Kathy Good is producing and hosting a series of voter information programs for her “In The Women’s Room” radio show which airs on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1 at 8am on Mondays and 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kathy’s in-depth and informative interviews with officials and experts explore a wide range of issues pertaining to Ventura County elections. Elizabeth Rodeno, CAPS Media program director, stated: “Kathy is absolutely awesome. Her interviews are always engaging, personal and informative. Kathy is a treasure for KPPQ and all of Ventura.”

The remarkable and resourceful ECTV students in the El Camino High School media program at CAPS Media, are producing a series of historic interviews exploring the Chicano activist movements of the past with participants who experienced the awareness-raising, cultural events in the Chicano Moratorium of 1970. Due to the COVID-19 realities, the interviews are recorded in a hybrid-zoom format, in English and Spanish, with guests isolated in the CAPS Media studio and students conducting the interviews from their homes. The programs will air on both Channel 15 and on CAPS Radio KPPQ at 104.1 and streaming on the MyTuner app and hosted on the KPPQ Podcast network.

For Ventura County, CAPS crews continue to cover the weekly COVID-19 updates in English and Spanish. The updates can be viewed on the County website at and on the county’s social media pages. In addition CAPS Media is producing a series of voter awareness videos to inform the public on the election process. The key message is that Voting By Mail is safe and secure. In fact, Ventura County has been using Vote By Mail for years – and it has always been safe and secure. Due to COVID-19 precautions, this year every registered voter in the county is receiving a ballot in the mail. Ballots were mailed on Friday, October 2nd and should be arriving in your mailbox by mid-October. If a voter does not receive a ballot, has questions whether or not they are registered to vote, want to know how to return their ballot or have any other questions, they can find all the answers at

Due to the COVID-19 emergency the CAPS Media Center is closed to Members and the public until further notice. CAPS Member/Producers can submit programming via the online portal at for broadcast and streaming on CAPS public access television Channel 6 and on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1FM.

All of us at CAPS Media hope everyone is Staying Safe and Healthy during this challenging time.

Remember – Please Vote! This is your opportunity to share your views and let your voice be heard.

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