Vol. 14, No. 01 – Oct 7 – Oct 20, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


4:11pm, received report of a kite surfer in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in the fireboat and found the kite surfer being towed back to shore by a good Samaritan surfer. Stood by until the kiter was safely on beach.


5:45pm, received report of a vehicle driving over the spikes into the exit of VWM II. Officers responded and found the car as reported. The driver was acting suspiciously, PD arrived and had her park and terminated her trip.


9:10am, received report of a transient sleeping in the 1583 Spinnaker elevator. Officers responded, woke the individual and moved them along.


2:00pm, received a report from US coast guard fixed wing aircraft circling above the harbor of a personal watercraft operating erratically a mile outside. Officers observed the PWC head to L/R and made contact. The elderly operator was exhausted from the rough conditions and nothing suspicious was noted.

7:01pm, received multiple reports of a blue hulled vessel speeding and pushing a large wake throughout the harbor. Officers found vessel and terminated voyage.


2:22am, contacted a disabled/becalmed 35ft sailboat 2 miles offshore. Tow Boat Us was alerted and responded to assist the becalmed vessel.

9:01pm, received report of suspicious couple casing vehicles near the VYC. Officers impounded 3 stolen bicycles, the 2 said the bikes belonged to a friend.


10:15am, officers training with US coast guard helicopter hoisting in Rescue Boat 17. Patrol officers normally train with US coast guard hoisting operations.


6:50pm, received a Mayday call on VHF 16 from a disabled motorboat off Pierpont. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 17. Vessel safely towed to L/R.

10:25pm, dispatched to a fire near the riverbottom. Officers responded and found the natural gas burn off near Gonzales road. No fire found.


9:22am, dispatched to an unconscious person at VIM L-dock. Officers responded and found the patient in full arrest. All lifesaving efforts were attempted with AMR/VFD and the patient was transported to local hospital.

1:15pm, contacted a vessel in the surfline near South Jetty engaged in fishing. Officers contacted and moved the fisherman to safer water outside surfline.

5:45pm, received a report of an unmanned 35ft sailboat in outside Ventura Harbor. Officers responded, found the sailboat, and found the captain below.


11:59am, dispatched to a fall victim at 1559 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted a 97 year male who fell, sustained a laceration. Transported by AMR

12:18pm, dispatched to a seizure at 1867 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted a 32 year male having a seizure. He was treated & transported by AMR.

1:25pm, received a Mayday call of a 14ft vessel just outside the surfline at the Ventura Point. Officers responded, towed the vessel to the launch ramp safely.

10:40pm, received a report of fishing at the Ventura Marina Community lake. Officers responded and terminated the fishing. Fishing is prohibited at the lake.


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