Vol. 13, No. 26 – Sept 23 – Oct 6, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


Wed 9-2

6:35am, harbormaster and officers who responded to the Conception boat fire responding in the Fireboat to pay respect to the victims and their family members of the tragedy at a memorial at Platts Harbor Santa Cruz island.

Friday 9-4

7:45pm, monitoring US coast guard/TowBoat US attempting to contact a vessel near Ormond Beach Powerplant who called a mayday. A few minutes later the skipper landlined Ventura Harbor Patrol requesting assistance. Officers attempted to advise the skipper he was out of Ventura’s response area. The skipper failed to realized CI harbor is six miles closer to him and hung up exasperated. Unfortunately, the vessel went aground shortly thereafter.

Saturday 9-5

7:35am, officers opened launch ramp overflow because the ramp is nearly full. A truck/trailer was attempting to access the lot and sustained trailer damage. The vehicle was blocking access and a few vehicles were directed to park on Anchors Way Drive near the Four Points Sheraton until the vehicle/trailer moves

10:55am, while on patrol observed multiple parking violations along Spinnaker Dr, Beach lots and Harbor Village. The most egregious violators were ticketed.

11:55am, received a complaint that protestors in the Harbor Village were attempting to gather signatures for a recall and were not following Covid 19 restrictions. Officers responded, found the violators, and advised of the rules.

Thursday 9-10

9:00am, dispatched to an overdose at the 4points Sheraton. Officers responded & assisted VFD/AMR with a 35-year-old recovering from bystander CPR.

2:01pm, received a report of a 24ft sailboat aground at Emma Wood. Officers responded, found the vessel as reported and all persons safely on the beach. Tow Boat US towed the vessel off the sand bar and to the boatyard.

Friday 9-11

12:14pm, dispatched to a sick person at VHM. Officers assisted AMR/VFD with an 89-year-old male with extreme knee pain. Patient transported.

5:45pm, received report of an RV illegally parked in VIM lot. Officers responded and found the RV as reported, it was brokedown and waiting for assistance from a mechanic. There is an ordinance for oversized vehicles.

Saturday 9-12

1:30pm, received a report of a fuel spill at VWM B-dock. Officers responded and after a brief search were able to locate the source from a vessels bilge pump & pin hole in a high-pressure fuel line. The pump and fuel line were secured.

Sunday 9-13

11:50am, contacted a 23ft motor vessel adrift in main channel. The vessel had engine trouble but was escorted to the launch ramp safely.


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