Vol. 13, No. 24 – Aug 26 – Sept 8, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 8-4

1:33pm, officers assisting with the installation of the new Pay and Display machine at the launch ramp. Boaters can now use credit or debit cards.

Wednes 8-5

4:02am, received a complaint about the dredge horn sounding. Officers assured the complainer that the dredge was not operating but that the #2 navigation buoy has a whistle that is operated by the rising and falling of swell.

Saturday 8-8

4:55pm, received a report of a small vessel operating recklessly in the A-basin. The R/P believes the operator is intoxicated. Officers responded to investigate and after a search were unable to locate the offenders in the harbor.

Sunday 8-9

9:35am, received report of a vessel explosion at the east end of Anacapa Island. Officers responded in Fireboat with Ventura Fire engine 2 crew. The four persons onboard were pulled from the water and the vessel towed back to port.

12:20pm, received a report of two State Parks lifeguards swimming a disabled Personal Water Craft out of the Surfline. Officers responded in Rescue B-19, took the disabled craft en tow back to Harbor Cove .

Monday 8-10

4:50pm, received a report of a 35ft sailboat on the rocks at the end of the A-basin in the Harbor. Officers responded in Rescue B-17, found the vessel as reported, towed off the rocks, sidetied and delivered to their slip in VIM I-23.

Friday 8-14

8:09pm, dispatched to a drowning at Surfers Knoll from FCC. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. The patient was located on the beach and suffered a head laceration from a surfboard. Patient self-transported to hospital.

Saturday 8-15

9:15am, received a walk-in complaint from a Standup Paddler who was “waked” by a large vessel near the harbor entrance. The paddler demanded an apology for the incident from the captain of the large vessel. UTL the captain.

12:58pm, officers ran safety in Rescue B-17 for a paddle-out at “The Dredge” attended by hundreds of mourners for a local surfer who recently passed away.

Sunday 8-16

11:15am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed horrendous traffic on Spinnaker drive in both directions. Parking was at or near capacity in all areas.

All-day: officers either witnessed or received reports of PWC operators in violation of speed and or safe operation laws inside and outside the harbor. Warnings for the violations issued to the mostly new operators and compliance..

3:03pm, received a request to dive for a lost purse near the docks of the PortSide. Officers responded but were unable to assist because of the large population of sealions on the docks in the area, the water was 30 feet deep in the area and the feeling the mammals would attack anyone entering the water there. Sealions are federally protected, and persons are prohibited within 30ft of them.

Monday 8-17

1:15pm, dispatched to a fall victim at the Ventura Harbor Yacht Yard. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to a 79-year-old male that fell off a 7ft ladder. The patient was placed in C-pine precautions and transported to local hospital.

2:14pm, while checking on the welfare of a sailboat, received a request for a tow from a disabled 20ft vessel. Officers towed the vessel to the launch ramp safely.


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