Vol. 13, No. 21 – July 15 – July 28, 2020 – A View from House Seats

by Shirley Lorraine

Fractured Actors Serve Laughs A La Carte

Actors gotta act. Audiences love to laugh. To meet both needs, the Fractured Actors Theater Company presented a digital production called Laughter in Place last Friday evening. Though not widely advertised, the Company has been around for several years and has produced some challenging and engaging material covering a wide range of styles and subjects. They tout “theater for a non-traditional audience”. I take that to mean anything goes. I especially love the phrase one of the actors said – “actors in isolation only get weirder.” So true. Haven’t we all changed a bit?

Noted on the Fractured Actors’ website is this statement – “Revisit your favorite characters from our past Speakeasy Projects and meet a new host of oddballs and misfits with brand new stories to tell about these strange times we’re all experiencing together. From afar. But also together.”

Now really, few things are better than being able to watch a show in your p.j.’s with your favorite beverage and snacks readily at hand. You don’t even have to comb your hair.

The one-hour YouTube premiere featured a collection of Zoom interludes, sketch comedy, original music, and a variety of talents. Host Bryan White stated, “We’re glad to not be with you this evening.” Of note are two original songs written and performed by Shelby Figueroa. The lament of Introvert’s Paradise is right on point. Her song Trash TV also has clever lyrics and is well done. She is accompanied in both by James Dorward.

A few of the sketches are re-dos of vignettes from previous performances. Some add a measure of pointed social commentary on the Covid-19 situation. A surprise visit from Dr. Fauci (Bryan White) illuminates the importance of social distancing. It is healing to laugh at how everyone is coping, or not. Grad party shows a family celebrating a middle school graduation via Zoom. Youngster Hunter Ham (the Grad) is a highlight. The inserted product advertisements are amusing and inventive. There is a little something for everyone.

Even the actor’s pets get into the act. One vignette features a bevy of cats (and one dog) voicing their feelings on owners who get in their space.

In the spirit of theatrical generosity, with tongue firmly in cheek, the Company promises a full refund of your (free) admission should you not thoroughly enjoy the evening of laughter. Totally worth twice the price. A guarantee is always appreciated.

Fractured Actors welcomes performers and backstage helpers of all types, all experiences, and all ages to be involved. Missed this one? I almost did but I am glad I got to catch the premiere showing. And, the production is available on the company’s YouTube channel to watch any time. Go to YouTube Fractured Actors to join in.

The best way to stay informed of what’s up next is to subscribe to the company’s email list via their website, www.FracturedActors.com.

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