Visit Ventura’s Cheryl Bagby is chosen to lead the Central Coast Tourism Council

Cheryl takes the CCTC helm at a challenging time.

Visit Ventura is proud to announce that our very own Cheryl Bagby has been chosen to serve as President of the Central Coast Tourism Council. The Central Coast Tourism Council (CCTC) is a non-profit organization comprised of hospitality businesses (from Convention and Visitors Bureaus to hotels and attractions) throughout California’s Central Coast. Their task is to promote the (breathtakingly beautiful) Central Coast to the world.

Since Cheryl has a sense of fun, we will too. Winnie the Pooh once said, “Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” As Visit Ventura’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing of six years, Cheryl has shown that kind of care and love for Ventura. She simply spread that care and love to other Central California towns when she first joined the CCTC five years ago as a member of their Marketing Committee.

Now she will turn that caring and heart — and sense of teamwork — toward promoting the Central Coast as CCTC President.

“In my time with CCTC, our mantra has always been ‘Lets do together, what we can’t do on our own,’” Cheryl said. “It’s precisely that collaboration that has seen us succeed in marketing the Central Coast in the past — and now, more than ever, it will take collaboration to succeed in our recovery efforts. It’s an honor to be elected CCTC President. But more importantly, it’s an honor to be working alongside colleagues and neighbors to build back our communities.”

Cheryl takes the CCTC helm at a challenging time. Tourism has been hard hit by COVID-19. Travel has plummeted, as have travel dollars that once funneled into communities around the world, Ventura included. Travel industry unemployment is double that of the Great Depression; hundreds of thousands of tourism and hospitality workers are now unemployed in California.

But Cheryl has always taken the optimistic tack, one of the characteristics that has seen her excel at Visit Ventura. As soon as COVID-19 hit, Cheryl and her Visit Ventura teammates threw their imaginations into the ring, creating outside-the-box ideas to encourage Venturans to support their own town in the absence of visitors.

“Tourism will be the powerhouse that drives California — and the United States — back to its feet,” said Cheryl. “And until that happens, Visit Ventura will keep working hard to keep our town’s economy and morale afloat.”

It was just this sort of creative (and unrelenting) work ethic — and upbeat attitude — that saw the Central Coast Tourism Council select Cheryl as their President.

“We are so happy to have Cheryl as CCTC President,” said Molly Cano, CCTC board member and past President. “She’s the consummate travel professional, yes, but, more than that, she possesses a happy work ethic and enthusiasm that are contagious. In my time working with Cheryl, I’ve seen what she can do. I know, with Cheryl, anything is possible.”

Marlyss Auster, Visit Ventura’s President & CEO, has watched Cheryl’s (joyful) work ethic for seven years. “Cheryl has been in the Tourism & Hospitality industry for over fifteen years, but when she comes into the office it’s as if she’s bringing her first day energy to our Visit Ventura team,” said Marlyss.

Cheryl will serve as President of the Central Coast Tourism Council for one year.

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