Vol. 13, No. 20 – July 1 – July 14, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wed 6-10

1:03pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed very large crowd at Harbor Beaches. Officers assisted State Parks with safety contacts and even performed two water rescues south of Surfers Knoll area.

Thursday 6-11

1:10pm, a heavy fog bank rolled in, so officers were fielding calls for assistance returning to the harbor. Officers responded in the Fireboat and utilizing the radar were able to assist a few boaters return to the harbor from the outside.

8:20pm, observed heavy fog, officers in Rescue Boat 17 escorted a 35ft sailboat back to the harbor. Their electronics were failing and were 1-mile from harbor.

10:52pm, dispatched to an assault victim at 1050 Schooner Dr. Officers responded with VFD and PD. The patient refused assistance.

Friday 6-12

11:45am, received a report of a injured Pelican at Surfers Knoll from numerous persons. Officers responded, captured the bird for volunteers to pick up.

3:10pm, received a report of a Kite surfer in distress near Marina Park. Officers responded in Boat 19 and found the kite surfer underway and not in distress.

Sunday 6-14

11:17am, dispatched to a traumatic injury on a fishing vessel near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist. The vessel made way to the Ventura Port District long dock where the patient was loaded onto a gurney and transported to local hospital for further evaluation by AMR medics.

12:56pm, while on patrol, officers observed large crowds on the beaches and in the Harbor village. All available parking lots were full along with Spinnaker Dr.

Monday 6-15

2:55pm, while on patrol, officers observed State Parks lifeguards performing a multiple water rescue of two boadyboarders and a swimmer at Surfers Knoll.

Tuesday 6-16

11:23pm, received a report of juveniles gathering in the courtyard of the 1559 building from a tenant. Officers responded and moved along a group loitering.

Wednes 6-17

6:35pm, observed a swimmer crossing the Pierpont basin from the #11 nav buoy. Officers responded in RescueBoat 19 to contact, retrieve, and return the swimmer to the Marina park side of the Pierpont basin.

Saturday 6-20

7:19am, received dispatch to a traumatic injury, cyclist down at Schooner/Harbor. Officers responded, found the patient supine on the ground. After assessment, determined the patient has a medical condition. AMR transported the patient to local hospital for further evaluation.

Sunday 6-21

2:24pm, receiving multiple reports of a disturbance in the 1500 block of Spinnaker drive. Officers responded and found an individual harassed or harassing multiple people. Contact with the disturbing party was initiated and VPD was requested but delayed. Officers successfully verbally detained the agitated individual, waiting for PD. A passerby agitated the subject and officers worked to de-escalate the situation. PD arrived and arrested the individual.

3:10pm, received a request for response to a domestic dispute between male and a female near the entrance of Ventura Marina Community. Advised the R/P Harbor Patrol doesn’t respond to police incidents especially domestic disputes.

3:15pm, dispatched to a sting ray strike at Harbor Cove from State Parks. Officers responded and treated the injury with hot water. Patient released.

7:30pm, observed a group of fishermen drilling holes into the District longdock. Contacted the group for destruction of property and no fishing on longdock.




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