The Museum of Ventura County collecting history today

The Central Coast of California offered an obvious appeal to followers of modernism.

As Ventura County residents react to new policies and recommendations aimed to restrict the virus’ spread, the Museum is working to document and preserve the materials and stories that demonstrate how our county is continuing to communicate, work, commute, learn, teach, create, pray, celebrate, mourn, and give aid to others.

Tell us your story or consider what objects or recordings best represent the experiences and observations that have stood out to you most. How are you and your family members spending your time? What do you regard as your biggest challenges? Was there a moment when you realized a historic event was taking place?

The stories and materials we collect will allow all of us to study and share these experiences in the future. Learn more at

The Museum of Ventura Count is excited to share an in-depth look at the California Cool: Mid-century Modernism on the Central Coast exhibit online for the first time. Step back in time to a cooler and more sophisticated era of design with this online tour, offering a thorough look at many of the artifacts and artwork featured in the exhibit that was originally on display September 2019—February 2020. These artifacts include the Nelson Coconut Chair, pottery by renowned ceramicist Otto Heino, and special items from the collection of Eric Huff. Visit to view California Cool Mid-century Modernism on the Central Coast and other virtual tours.

The Central Coast of California offered an obvious appeal to followers of modernism. The extensive access to the coast and higher elevations afforded by the region’s many beaches and foothills, and the mild Mediterranean climate, served as a central reason for indoor-outdoor living. But the Central Coast offered more than geography and climate. The different regions of the Central Coast offered other unique appeals, as well.

The Museum is also collaborating with CAPS Media, who are collecting stories from this time in video format for their #VenturaStories project. Do you have a great story to share? Something clever, funny or inspirational of your family, friends, kids, pets, neighbors or something else? Every week CAPS Media will air and stream locally produced videos sent in by the public. CAPS Media is looking for positive, feel-good stories that are entertaining, inspiring, enlightening and informative. This project gives you the special treat of seeing your masterpiece on television on Channel 6 and streaming online at Find out more at

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