Be on the alert for utility scams

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) reminded customers to be on alert for potential scams targeting utility customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. One common scam involves telling customers they must pay their gas bill immediately or their natural gas service will be disconnected. SoCalGas does not call customers seeking payment and had suspended service disconnections for customers until further notice. SoCalGas provides tips on how to recognize and respond to these scams:

Tips include–

Spotting common scam tactics such as Caller ID spoofing, phishing emails and texts, and utility imposters.

Always ask to see SoCalGas photo ID badge before letting someone inside. All SoCalGas employees on company business are required to carry a badge.

Customers are encouraged to verify the employee’s uniform and identification. Most of our authorized employees will always be in a uniform with our company logo, carry an official employee badge, and drive a company car. Take shorter showers to reduce your natural gas use.

Visit for additional tips and information about scams.

You can also visit and @SoCalGasNews on Twitter for updates.

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