Dear Venturans

by President/CEO of Visit Ventura Marlyss Auster

Once again, we are up against hard times and facing many unknowns. But here’s what we already know. We’ve been here before — and not only survived, but thrived. Because here by the sea we carry something very unique in our hearts and minds. The will to see things made better.

I’ve always believed in being totally up front and honest in both my personal life and as President & CEO of Visit Ventura. Honesty is just right. So, with honesty in mind, during these difficult times Visit Ventura will not be where you should go for the facts. We served that purpose, to a degree, during the Thomas Fire. But this time around, we are looking to our Ventura County partners and government officials to be the source for hard facts.

What is Visit Ventura doing? Right now, we’re working to be the encouraging, and rallying, voice for our remarkable community. I’ve never seen a community will stronger than ours, but even the strongest will can use a boost — and even the strongest will sometimes falters. We’re going to share good things (and we all know from experience that there will be many good things). We’re going to help get good things going (keep an eye on our social media). It’s not complicated. We need each other. And we already know we can depend on each other.

Right now, we are also working so that we will be ready to go full speed ahead (and then some) when this is over. Because it will be over. And when it is, tourism will be the vehicle of recovery — the driving force that sees us back to our feet.

Though Ventura will never truly be knocked down. Not by this. Not by anything. Why? Because I have never seen a community like this one — and, even the hardest times, there’s no better place to be.

Which is why I would like to end this message with my deepest, most heartfelt thank you. There is no place like Ventura because there is no community like Ventura. You are the living, breathing reminders of the things that matter. Invincible spirit. 805 strength. Caring without boundaries.You remind me of how good things always outlast the dark.

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