Creating posters that show, yet again, how strong and special Ventura is

With the threat of COVID-19, Ventura faces hard, uncertain times. In the face of all the dark news, the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau (Visit Ventura) is doing a simple thing to bring a little light. They are asking all Venturans to speak their minds and hearts, creating posters that show, yet again, how strong and special Ventura is.

When the Thomas Fire came to Ventura in December 2017, signs appeared everywhere. Sheets draped from walls, cardboard signs stapled to phone poles, signs staked in front yards, signs taped to storefront windows. Words written by children in big, colorful loops. Words printed tidily on mass-produced signs.

Visit Ventura is asking Ventura to do it again. Take up your magic marker, your paper, your cardboard, your whatever-you-have-handy, and put your thoughts on a sign (Visit Ventura also has templates on their website; Because your thoughts matter. And you never know how much they can mean to someone who really needs them.

“They’re not just a sign,” said Marlyss Auster, VVCB President & CEO. “We Venturans already know this. These signs, they’re reminders. Of spirit. Of caring and community. Of how good things always outlast the dark.”

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