Vol. 13, No. 12 – Mar 11 – Mar 24, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


10:06am, dispatched to a suicidal person in the water near the Pier. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist. A rescue swimmer was deployed and helped convince the swimmer to head to shore where VFD and PD were.


1:01pm, received a report of a fuel spill at Daves fuel dock. Officers responded by sea and by land to find an inflatable boat had mistakenly filled the boat with 17 gallons of petro. VFD responded, the vessel isolated until the fuel is removed.


12:40pm, while manning the operations center, observed three kayakers capsize in the Pierpont basin from strong South winds. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19, but the kayakers were able to swim their vessels to a sandbar where they righted/dewater and re-boarded their kayaks and continued their voyage.


6:33am, while on patrol, officers observed two transients with a peddle boat on Harbor Blvd, detained by Ventura PD. It was determined that the property was thrown away in a roll off dumpster at the launch ramp. After explaining to the pair that the vessel was unseaworthy because it would take on water it was thrown away for good.

2:35pm, while on patrol, contacted by a couple walking near Surfers Knoll about the water quality. Advised it was due to the maintenance dredging of Venutra Harbor and showed them the Manson Construction sign explaining the operation

Sunday 2-23

5:55am, received report of a found white husky at the Holiday Inn Express. After a brief search, the owner was located nearby and reunited with the dog.


11:01pm, dispatched to an overdose/poisoning in the riverbottom near East Harbor blvd. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR/VPD with the call. The patient was found unresponsive, CPR and all other lifesaving measures were utilized for 20mins, but unfortunately rescuers were unable to revive the patient.


7:49am, received several complaints about a speed boat operating dangerously near the Ventura Pier and surfers at the point. Reported the observation to state and federal agencies monitoring the situation.


5:33pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers contacted three novice bodyboarders near the Surfers Knoll Jetty. The group were informed of rip currents and how to survive them. Also, the advantage of swim fins.


9:39am, while on patrol in Boat 17, officers observed an unusual sound coming from the port shaft. After diving and investigating, cleared a braided fishing line, likely from a hoop net from the shaft. Several times a week during lobster season, hoop net lines are cleared from rescue boat shafts.

12:33pm, received a report of a lost set of keys inadvertently given to a pair of local transient women. Officers responded, contacted the pair and after lengthy “debate” were able to obtain the set of car keys. During debrief from the incident, the owner of the keys contacted officers and was reunited with the keys

1:03pm, debrief with Calif Fish and Wildlife wardens at the launch ramp.

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