Ventura Wildlife Trackers

Have you noticed animal tracks while visiting Ventura Botanical Gardens or in your own backyard and wondered what animal made those tracks? Explore the world of animal tracking with Wyatt Harris, President of Ventura Wildlife Trackers. Ventura Wildlife Trackers monitors animal tracks and signs to inform research and conservation planning efforts and promote public appreciation of the region’s unique natural diversity.

The program includes an informational presentation and the opportunity for attendees to spot and identify animal tracks within the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

Saturday, March 14
9:30 am at Summit Plateau.

Free to members.
Non-member: $10 fee includes $7 non-member admission.
Registration is required.
Maximum 15.


Method 1: Arrive at 9:00 am at the VBG entrance kiosk and hike the trail for approximately 20 minutes, cross the roadway (Summit Drive), walk through the Fynbos Garden to the plateau OR

Method 2: Drive up N. Kalorama St., turn left at Summit Dr., park along the roadway near Rotary Plaza and the tall eucalyptus trees. Walk up through the Fynbos Garden to Summit Plaza.

Questions? Call Jo Ann at 805.231.4672.

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