Fire Safety event held with forth graders

The Ventura City Fire Department, in a collaborative effort with the Ventura Unified School District, hosted a two-day Fire Safety event on March 3rd and 4th at the Ventura City Fire Training Grounds, located at 765 S. Seaward Ave. Since 2011 together they have educated approximately 10,200 children on fire safety. Their first few classes have now graduated high school and gone onto college.

Over 1,300 fourth graders within the VUSD traveled to the Fire Training Grounds to participate in the Annual “4th Grade Fire Safety Days.” Students, parents, and school staff observed live demonstrations of Ventura City Firefighters performing multiple tasks associated with a career in firefighting and paramedicine and fire prevention.

Students traveled in groups around the site to multiple teaching stations. The stations

included such topics as engine company operations, fire safety education, ladder and power tool demonstrations, and a grand finale involving the City Fire Department’s “hook and ladder” truck.

Firefighters served as both instructors and participants in each of the learning stations. The Firefighters focused not only on the tasks they are responsible to perform during emergencies, but on the importance of education and its relation to the job.

The instructors explained how an education in chemistry is an essential element of becoming a member of the Hazardous Materials Team. They saw how a fire engine also contains a virtual emergency room that is brought to the scene of an emergency, necessitating a firefighter to also understand anatomy and physiology as a core skill in performing emergency medical procedures.

Students learned what to do in case of a fire or natural disaster and how important it is to have a plan at home with their families.

The VUSD will also participate in post event activities, including an essay writing contest among the attendees, with the winning school receiving the “Fire Hydrant Award.” This trophy will be awarded to the winning school, where it will remain until the following year’s winner takes possession of it.

Each year, the winning school and student’s name will be inscribed on a perpetual plaque on the front of the trophy. The Fire Chief and the school’s local firefighters will deliver the trophy once the winner is determined.

David Endaya, Fire Chief Ventura Fire Department told the Breeze “It is truly one of the best partnerships we have, and we are lucky to have the support and backing of the VUSD and Superintendent Dr. Rice.  The event really focuses on education and its relevance to the career of firefighting, rescue, and paramedicine.  Each of the learning stations provides an opportunity for the students and chaperones alike to hear, see, and experience the realities of the firefighting profession.  Our grand finale is always a crowd favorite, where the attendees get to witness a large fire response in real time and listen to live fireground communications as the simulated incident unfolds.  We look forward to providing a better event with every year that goes by.  Quality and improvement is our goal, and we look forward to continuing to provide this amazing experience in collaboration with the VUSD.”


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