Vol. 13, No. 11 – Feb 26 – Mar 10, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


5:25pm, received a report of an illegally moored vessel at VHV C-dock. Officers responded and towed the vessel; the owner was not onboard.


7:50am, while on patrol, officers were dispatched to a brush fire near Riverhaven. Assistance was offered with transporting personnel and resources to the fire to assist with firefighting, then mop-up. The fire was extinguished.


7:30am, observed the H.R. Morris, the Manson Construction Company dredge inbound to Ventura Harbor for maintenance dredging.

8:30am, received report of a large fishing seiner hit the breakwall while it was returning to Ventura Harbor. The vessel suffered significant damage and was hauled out for inspection and repairs. The incident is under investigation.

8:50pm, received a report of a homeless man who threatened a wife and husband in their vehicle at VIM. The man fled the scene, PD was unable to locate him.


2:30pm, officers conducted Launch Ramp parking enforcement. Several vehicles were found in violation and were issued written warnings.


7:00am, while opening Harbor Cove beach lot, officers observed a large RV parked on Spinnaker obstructing the bike lane, oversized vehicle and camping. After a lengthy debate the individual was issued warnings for the violations.

10:30am, received a report of a domestic disturbance occurring on a vessel via a phone call. Ventura PD was contacted, and officers assisted with searching for the vessel. When it was located, the disturbing party was gone.

4:15pm, received a report of a Hazard to Navigation near the Ventura Pier, a large log. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and took the flotsam en tow.


10:30am, received a report of a possible missing person at the Ventura Pier from Ventura PD. After an investigation it was determined that the clothing and personal belongings were thrown off the pier and that the individual was located.


11:50pm, dispatched to an assault in a parking lot near 1500 Anchors Way. Officers responded, staged and assisted the victim after PD cleared the scene. The patient was transported to the fishing vessel he worked on after the incident.


7:45am, while on patrol, officers observed a transient asleep near the curb at 1691 Spinnaker dr. Officers contacted the individual, making sure he was ok.


7:08am, received a report of a transient who broke into the VWM laundry room and is refusing to leave. Officers responded and assisted Ventura PD with removing the individual who was wearing clothes being washed.

1:35pm, received a “Mayday” call on VHF 16 from a motor vessel with mechanical failure near the Mandalay powerplant. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist the distressed vessel. The vessel was located near Oxnard Shores and taken en tow until TowBoat U.S. arrived and took over the tow.

11:55pm, while on patrol, officers were alerted to a large group of transients near VWM from security. Officers assisted with removing the group of 10 transients near VWM that were loitering/trespassing on private property.


10:10am, while manning the operations center, observed a fishing lightboat operating in violation of speed/wake ordinance in the main channel. Officers were able to contact the skipper via VHF 11 and gain compliance.

12:30pm, while on patrol, officers observed a solid Northwest swell running along all the harbor beaches. Many rip currents were observed, and the water was less than ideal “looking” from harbor maintenance dredging. But the conditions were excellent for the NSSA surfing contest at the “New Jetty.”


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