Vol. 13, No. 10 – Feb 12 – Feb 25, 2020 – Harbor Patrol

Wednes 1-22

10:05am, received a report of a traffic accident near 1500 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted VFD, VPD with the call. The vehicle sustained major damage, but the driver suffered minor injuries. The vehicle was towed.

Thursday 1-23

12:08am, dispatched to an assault victim at RiverHaven. Officers responded and assisted VFD,VPD with the call. Patient transported to hospital.

Saturday 1-25

11:45am, responding to check on two surfers near the Greenock lane jetty due to large surf. Officers were able to contact the group with assistance from State Parks lifeguards operating a RescueWaterCraft in the area. All were ok.

10:20pm, contacting a 20ft vessel operating recklessly near the outside of the breakwall in hazardous conditions. Vessel was escorted back to the launch ramp

Sunday 1-26

7:00pm, received report of a fire near Spinnaker Drive and Harbor Bl. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire Department with locating the fire. No fire was found, but the Natural Gas burnoff on the South side of the Santa Clara Bridge was the likely source of the report. The burnoff is commonly misidentified as a brush fire.

Monday 1-27

7:03am, received a report of a transient trespassing at Ventura West Marina C-dock. Officers responded and found the individual incoherently speaking. She left the area talking.

6:00pm, received a request to assist good Samaritans remove shopping carts that were deposited in the barranca. They were towed to the launch ramp.

Thursday 1-30

8:35pm, patrolling in Rescue Boat 17, officers contacted a small vessel engaged in hoopnetting in the Harbor entrance. After a safety inspection was conducted, no lifejackets were aboard the vessel. The vessels voyage was terminated, and the fishermen returned to the launch ramp.

Friday 1-31

10:35am, while manning the office, received a request to use the districts emergency long dock for overnight berthing. The requestor was advised of the limited use of the dock, mainly for emergencies and was provided options.

3:25pm, while on patrol in the fireboat, officers observed a sail-foilboarder beset by calm conditions. The sailor was transported to his residence in the keys.

Saturday 2-1

8:40am, received request to escort the Manson crane barge “Freya” into the harbor. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist.

3:03pm, received a report of a male transient loitering with all his belongings spread out in the VIM parking lot. Officers responded and contacted the individual. He was granted time to organize his stuff and then move on.

11:23pm, officers contacting a fisherman on a small unseaworthy vessel at the breakwall and warning him of the Gale warning going into effect.

Sunday 2-2

11:30am, received a report of two juveniles operating an inflatable without any lifejackets. Officers responded, found the vessel reported. One 13-year-old had on a lifejacket and the operator was 15, so he was not required to “don” a PFD.

3:05pm, while on patrol, observed a large Northwest swell, 9ft as measured by sonar on Rescue Boat 17.

10:00pm, weather observations to National Weather Service, 20kt wind increase

Monday 2-3

10:00am, received a report of an errant buoy near 5th street in Oxnard Shores. Officers responded in the Fireboat to investigate. After a thorough search, no buoy or any other flotsam was discovered in the area. Large waves most likely washed whatever was observed to shore before officers arrived.

8:08pm, dispatched to a fall victim at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient. Patient sustained no injuries


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