Vol. 13, No. 9 – Jan 29 – Feb 11, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 1-7

8:10pm, while on patrol, officers observed a vessel with insufficient lights and illegally placed hoop nets. The vessel was contacted and escorted to the District longdock for further inspection. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the vessel lacked a all-around light, no documentation & expired fishing license. Written warnings were issued to the fishermen for the violations.

Thursday 1-9

1:08pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient.

Friday 1-10

7:30am, while on patrol, received a request for Harbor Entrance conditions. Large waves were observed, but the entrance is open. The inquirer was advised to use caution and follow the navigation buoys when exiting and entering harbor.

Saturday 1-11

4:30pm, received a request for a tow from the operator of a disabled sailboat. Officers responded and assisted TowBoat U.S. with the call for assistance.

6:20pm, while on patrol in RescueBoat 19, officers contacted eleven fishing vessels (including kayaks) for illegal placement of hoop nets around the breakwall and to warn of strong winds forecast.

Sunday 1-12

Monday 1-13

11:00am, officers in the Fireboat assisting and monitoring the Greek Epiphany Ceremony at VHV D-dock. Several young and old participants recreate the swim for the cross in the water.

2:12pm, received a report of a transient in the men’s shower at the Ventura Yacht Club. Officers responded and found a male transient in the shower. The individual advised his brother was a member of the club, but upon investigation it was discovered he wasn’t. He was removed and warned of the trespassing.

11:45am, received a report of a motor vessel speeding through the harbor near the yacht club. Officers investigated and found the reported vessel. The violator admitted his violation and was released with a warning for the infraction.

3:00pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, observed severe sand erosion from Surfers Knoll Jetty to the Rivermouth. Also observed a few large rip currents.

Tuesday 1-14

5:00pm, while on patrol, officers observed a diesel sheen near VIM E-dock. Several absorbent pads were in the water adrift. Officers searched the area and interviewed several people but were unable to locate a source or the individual who placed the absorbent pads. Investigation continues for responsible party.

Wednes 1-15

3:45pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers observed a Hazard to Navigation near the North-end of the detached breakwall. The owner of the lobster trap, a commercial fisherman was contacted, he will move the hazard.

Thursday 1-16

8:15pm, dispatched to stabbing victim at Riverhaven refuge. Officers responded, assisted AMR/VPD with the call. The patient refused medical care.

Saturday 1-18

6:01am, received multiple reports of a water leak with a large amount of water at the entrance to Harbor Cove parking lot. Officers investigated with the assistance of Ventura FD but were unable to secure the leak. Eventually, Ventura City water arrived, secured and repaired the ruptured pipeline.

12:10pm, received report of an injured sea bird near VWM D-dock. Officers responded and found the reported bird. As officers were closing in to capture the injured bird for rescue volunteers, it flew away, apparently not injured.

Sunday 1-19

2:10pm, received multiple reports of a vessel operating recklessly near Solimar. The reported vessel returned to the harbor and contact was made by multiple agencies near the launch ramp with the operator. Warnings were issued for the violations in the hope the operator/owner can respect the boating public with safer operation of their vessels.

6:55pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, officers contacted several vessels engaged in hoop netting near the breakwall. Officers issued warnings and had fishermen remove their hoop nets from illegal areas.

Monday 1-20

5:15pm, dispatched to a medical, sick person at 1691 Spinnaker Drive from FCC. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the call. The patient was located and assessed for a hand injury. Patient self-transported to hospital.

11:11pm, received dispatch to an unconscious person at the FourPoints Sheraton. Officers responded and assisted AMR/VFD with a 64-year-old patient who fainted in the lobby. The patient was treated and released at the scene.



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