Residency at the Ventura Veterans Home Part 2 of 2

by Carol Leish

“The Veterans home has been here in Ventura for 10 years,” according to, Julian Bond, Administrator. “It is a residential care facility for the elderly, which provides medical care; a licensed clinical social worker; has an activities department; offers rehabilitative services; and, offers physical therapy. All of this helps to maintain and improve the quality of life for the veterans who live here.”

Mack E.

Mack E., who has lived at the veteran’s home for 2 1/2 years, was in the U.S. Army. He said, “We were attached to the Air Force, which was basically the 20th Bomber Command and the 22nd Air Depo Group. We were a truck company, that was attached to the Air Force through World War II, which was stationed in India, near Calcutta.” He was in the Army for four years.

“I heard someone talking about the various veteran’s homes here in California, while still living in Springville, in Central California,” according to, Mack. “Since it was after my wife had passed away, even though my daughter was helping me out a lot, I did some research by looking it up on the Internet.”

“The activities that I enjoy,” according to, Mack, “include doing chair exercises, and exercising in the gym every day. I also like the various trips that we take, which has included going to the Reagan Library and to the Getty Museum. The food is very good here, too.”

Jim C.

Jim C., who has also lived at the veteran’s home for 2 1/2 years, was in the U.S. Army from 1969-1971. He served 15 months in Germany.

According to Jim: ‘Living here, at the Ventura Veteran’s Home, was a very good move for me, since I had been living in the Los Angeles area. I like the city of Ventura. I had gotten involved with a church right away. I also enjoy going to the libraries here.”

“The activities that I enjoy,” according to, Jim, “include, flower arrangement, and use of the keyboard.”

Jerry B.

Jerry B., who has lived at the veteran’s home for 1 year, was in the Navy for 21 years (1962-1979). He was stationed primarily in San Diego, after having started off his career in Virginia.

Since he had asked his son, who lives here in Ventura, about the veteran’s home, he decided to stop in to tour and to get an application. He said that, “I decided to come here, especially after my wife died in March, 2018.

Jerry said, “I enjoy playing Botchy Ball twice a week and playing Shuffle Board twice a day. I also enjoy doing puzzles. Also, as the president of the Allied Council, I’m able to interface between the residents and the administration here in order to improve/maintain things for our quality care that we receive.”

City Council member, Jim Friedman said, “I am honored that Ventura’s only Veteran’s home is located in the district that I represent (District 5).” It’s a beautiful facility providing a wonderful array of amenities for the veterans that live there. I am very thankful for the service that these men and women have provided to our country.”

10900 Telephone Rd., Ventura 93004 805-659-7500

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