The Ventura Veterans Home History Part 1 of 2

The home provides everything from a library, a dining room a computer room and Bocce ball.

by Carol Leish

The Ventura Veteran’s Home celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary in Ventura. Former Governor Pete Wilson (1991-1999), was looking into building three veteran’s homes within California. Lancaster, West Los Angeles, and Ventura were all in the plan for building homes for the veterans. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003-2011) was also important in the process of these three homes being built.

According to, Julian Bond, Administrator of the veteran’s home, who was appointed by, Governor Newson, “All military services are represented here: Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and the Coast Guard. Former and current residents here have served in: WWII; the Korean War, the Vietnam War; Operation Just Cause (in Central America); and, Dessert Storm.” He also said that, ‘We admit residence who are 55 years old and older. We don’t have residents yet; but, will be getting residents soon, from Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), as they get older.”

Bond said, ‘We receive funding from Federal VA & the State of California. Residents pay a portion of it based on their income. We are pleased that we can provide the value of care to our veterans.”

“The Ventura Veterans Home is a long-term Residential Care Facility for the elderly which is caring for veterans,” according to, Bond. “We offer quality care and support services that enhance the quality of life. Our highly trained and dedicated staff strive to meet the unique needs of veterans by providing compassionate care built on the foundation of integrity, honor, and respect, with a smile.”

Bond continued to say, “Spanning across 10 acres of the richest, with the most picturesque scenery, with exceptional weather, the Ventura home is a gem like no other one. The beauty of Ventura, with its beaches, accommodating weather, offer peace and tranquility for those who bore the battle.”

Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin (CA State Assembly), who represents the 44th Assembly District, which encompasses portions of Ventura County and the city of Westlake Village, said on December 5th 2019: ‘In my role as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs, I have seen how a strong support system and quality care can make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans. I’m happy to have joined the residents and staff of the Veterans Home of California-Ventura, to mark the home’s first decade with a Founder’s Day Celebration. I applaud the efforts of all who passionately work, care, and create to make it the amazing place it is for our community’s veterans. Congratulations on this milestone anniversary and thank you for your service.”

Ventura City Council member Jim Friedman stated “I am honored that Ventura’s only Veteran’s home is located in the district that I represent (District 5).” It’s a beautiful facility providing a wonderful array of amenities for the veterans that live there. I am so thankful for the service that these men and women have provided to our country.”

10900 Telephone Rd., Ventura 93004 805-659-7500

Part 2 will feature 3 residents of the home

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