Stop the Stigma of mental health issues

Elaine Parenti Vista Del Mar Hospital Case Manager, Mark Stadler Crisis Intervention Team and Maya Lazos Vista Del Mar Hospital Community Liaison debuted ‘Stop the Stigma’

by Carol Leish

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2019,” according to, Maya Lazos, Community Liaison, at, Vista del Mar-Behavioral Health Care Hospital, “we debuted the, ‘Stop the Stigma’ at the photo booth at the Ventura Chamber of Commerce ‘Haunted at the Harbor’ Business Expo. The interactive photo booth allows us to have a conversation with the community about issues regarding mental health.”

The ‘Stop the Stigma’ campaign allows people to post/share it on their social media,” according to, Maya. “We will be bringing out this campaign to several different events each month.” These events in October include: 1) October 17: A Mental Health Fair, between 11:00am—1:00pm, at Oxnard College; 2) October 22: A Health Fair, between 9:00am—1:00pm, at Ventura College; 3) October 24: Prescreening of a documentary, ‘Roll Red Roll,’ with a panel discussion, geared to expand awareness of the rape culture, between 6:00-7:00pm at the Museum of Ventura County, in Ventura; and, 4) October 24: A ‘Stop the Stigma’ photo booth, at the Latino Business Expo., between 4:00-8:00pm, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

Maya said that, ‘Unfortunately, in 2018, there were 95 suicides within Ventura County. Thus, Vista Del Mar recognizes the need for additional mental health services that are accessible and provides awareness and education in order to reduce the barriers to care. And, one such barrier can be the stigma associated with seeking treatment.”

She mentioned that through various educational opportunities within various community events, some of which are provided by the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, “We, at Vista del Mar, are committed to breaking down barriers to treatment.”

For further information regarding services provided through Vista del Mar, which is at 801 Seneca St., Ventura, call: (805) 653-6434. For outpatient services, which are provided at: 801 S. Victoria, Ste. 303 Ventura, call: (805) 653-6434. Also, look at their website

If you want the ‘Stop the Stigma’ campaign at one of your events, contact: Maya Lazos, Community Liaison, at either: (805) 794-1009; or, [email protected].

If you want the ‘Stop the Stigma’ campaign at one of your events, contact Maya Lazos, Community Liaison, at either: (805) 794-1009; or, [email protected]. Realize that mental health issues are just as important to address; understand; and, to receive help for, as issues regarding physical health.

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