Sharing and caregiving with the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

by Patty Jenkins

On Wednesday, October 9, from 12:30-2:30PM, the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group is getting the jump on November’s National Caregiver Month by joining the National Alliance for Caregiving in “recognizing that the nearly 44 million family caregivers in the U.S. – nearly 20% of the U.S. adult population – provide important societal and financial contributions toward maintaining the well-being of those they care for.” In the first half of our meeting we will be sharing information for all types of Caregivers and their partners which will then be followed with a “half-round table” for members to share unique experiences, challenges and hopefully some solutions that can help us all on our daily journeys of navigating Parkinson‘s Disease .

Our meeting will begin with a brief presentation from Brenda Birdwell, Ventura County Family Consultant with Coast Caregiver Resources Center (CRCC) to inform us of the various short-term respite services and counseling services available to all Caregivers. Brenda will be followed by Blair Barker MPH, Care Services Director of the Camarillo Health Care District, Wellness and Caregiving. Blair’s presentation will cover the many services available for all Ventura County Caregivers and their partners at the Wellness and Caregiving Center in Camarillo, along with information about respite grants to help take care of you/the Caregiver and your care-partner at home. Blair hopes to help raise awareness of the challenges family caregivers of all types face, help find solutions, support, and also celebrate the efforts of all “family caregiver superheroes!”

During the second half of our meeting, we encourage all of our Parkinson’s Support Group members and their care-partners to join in our “half-round” discussion about how we all cope with the many and seemingly ever-changing aspects of Parkinson’s Disease.

Join us Wednesday at Ventura City Hall’s Community Meeting Room # 202; 501 Poli Street. The Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group welcomes the public along with those who find themselves navigating the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions. We are an independent and volunteer-organized group not affiliated with any other organization or group. For more information and important detailed directions to our meetings, please call Patty at 805-766-6070.

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