Vol. 12, No. 25 – Sept 11 – Sept 24, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Monday 8-19

11:23pm, while on patrol officers observed a transient with various items and a small inflatable. Contacted the individual and he advised he was planning to paddle up the coast. Officers attempted to dissuade the boater from his journey due to the time of night and the bad weather. After a futile attempt the paddler terminated his voyage.

Tueday 8-20

5:50pm, observed a Small Craft Advisory posted by National Weather Service

Wednes 8-21

9:28am, dispatched to a gunshot victim in the 2700 block of SeaHorse. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire / AMR with the call.

3:53pm, received a report of a stingray strike at tower 3, Harbor Cove. Officers responded and assisted State Parks with the call. The wound was treated with hot water and the patient was later released at the scene.

9:45pm, dispatched to an unconscious person at the Comedy Club in the village. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the call. The patient was treated and transported to local hospital for further evaluation. There was fear that he could die laughing.

Thursday 8-22

1:00pm, received a report of a motor vessel in the surfline near the Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and contacted the skipper and moved the vessel out of the surfline and into safer water, just before a set of waves threatened to swamp and ground the vessel.

Friday 8-23

11:34am, received a report of a stingray strike at tower 3, Harbor Cove from State Parks. Officers responded and assisted lifeguards with the patient. Hot water was applied to the wound and the patient was released after treatment.

Saturday 8-24

11:31am, received a report of a person-in-the-water near the breakwall. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and discovered a kayaker in the water and his kayak taking on water. Officers took the person on board and dewatered the kayak. The victim was taken to his slip in the harbor.

Friday 8-30

9:10am, officers proctoring a qualifying 500-meter swim for Ventura Fire water rescue swimmers in the Pierpont Basin swim course.

5:50pm, received report of an ocean rescue, kite surfer in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and assisted with the call.

Saturday 8-31

1:43pm, dispatched to two separate stingray strikes at Harbor Cove. Officers responded with hot water to assist State Parks lifeguards with the medical(s). The two patients, 11-year-old male and a 35-year-old female, were treated at the scene and released after hot water treatment was performed.

5:40pm, received a report of a transient disturbing customers in the Harbor Village. Officers responded and contacted the male who was pan handling with his guitar. He was informed of the ordinance violation and moved along.

Sunday 9-1

8:30am, received a report of a stingray strike at Harbor Cove from an open water swimming group. The patient self-treated and was being self-transported

12:53pm, received report of tar balls on the beach and in the water near Surfers Knoll. Officers responded with State Parks and investigated the report. The water was brownish from a light red tide event and there were no more than normal tar accumulations on the beach.

2:20pm, received report of a disabled sailboat in the South Basin. Officers responded, found the sailboat, took them into a short tow holding them on station and transferred the tow to Towboat US to complete.

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