Vol. 12, No. 22 – July 31 – Aug 13, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 7-09

8:05pm, while on patrol, officers observed a head-high South swell with strong lateral and rip currents throughout the Harbor Beaches at the jetties and groins. West winds were blowing 15 knots gusting to 20 knots.
Thursday 7-11 3:45pm, received a report of a deceased mammal on Pierpont beach. Contacted CI marine mammal rescue to handle the call.

Monday 7-15

11:59am, dispatched to an overdose at Riverhaven transitional camp, CPR in progress. Officers responded and assisted AMR and several off duty/retired first responders with the patient. Narcan was given to the patient, he recovered from the full arrest and ran off into the riverbottom, requesting no further help.


Tuesday 7-16

12:07pm, dispatched to a medical at 1600 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted a transient male suffering from an allergic reaction to mosquito bites from the estuary last night. He was transported to local hospital

7:20pm, received report of a man down in front of the A-dock restrooms at VIM. Officers responded and found the man and were able to wake him and move him along. He was suffering from behavioral issues and wandered off.

Wednes 7-17

1:13pm, dispatched to a male complaining of chest pain. Officers responded and assisted the patient with initial treatment and AMR/VFD took over and eventually transported the patient to local hospital for further evaluation.

9:38pm, received a dispatch to an unknown medical in the river bottom. Officers responded with VC sheriff, VFD and AMR to a patient complaining of a staph infection and unable to walk. After searching for the patient, it was determined to be re-dispatched in the daylight hours to assist, UTL in the dark.

Thursday 7-18

2:22pm, dispatched to a medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the call. Patient was transported.

Friday 7-19

1:00am, officers were monitoring a film shoot at the launch ramp. The shoot was for a car commercial and would be completed before sunrise.

10:52am, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, officers observed a seagull with a hook in its mouth and the line attached to the railing of the #7 buoy North Jetty navigation light. Officers caught the bird and freed it.

Saturday 7-20

11:21am, dispatched to a medical near the Santa Clara River bottom. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient suffering from abdominal pain and desiring to be transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

6:10pm, received a report of a behavioral issue near the Ventura Yacht Club. Officers responded and found a female transient with an “Angry Bird” mask violently confronting persons walking by. She was arrested by VPD.

6:40pm, received a report of an overdue vessel. Officers conducted a brief investigation and were able to locate the vessel just outside the harbor.

Sunday 7-21

8:00am, dispatched to a medical in the Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VDF/AMR with a fall victim.
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