Vol. 12, No. 18 – June 5 – June 18, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

5-16 6:59pm, dispatched to a water rescue, capsized boat near VIM. Officers responded in the vehicle with VFD/AMR. Officers found the victim out of the water and in no distress or in need of medical attention.
5-18 9:30pm, received a walk-in request for medical attention. Officers responded from the operations center and assisted VFD/AMR with a 26-year-old female complaining of seizures. She was transported to local hospital for further help.
5-19 6:30am, harbor patrol and marine safety officers with the Port District assisting State Parks/AMR with the Breath-of-Life triathlon at Harbor Cove.
5-21 12:35pm, Beach Hazard conditions: 3-5ft Southwest swell with strong West winds 25 to 35 knots. Winds are expected to increase throughout the night.
5-22 5:35pm, dispatched to a medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with an 82-year-old female.
5-27 9:00am, Ventura County Fire rescue swimmers conducting a class with Ventura Harbor Patrol & Marine Safety Officers. Participants practiced Rescue Water Craft operations and rescue procedures.

6:20pm, Beach Hazard Assessment: large crowds with favorable weather all throughout the beaches. 3-5ft Southwest Swell with many strong rip currents in all the usual areas: Surfers Knoll groin, South Jetty and the breech in the Santa Clara Rivermouth.

7:38pm, while manning the operations center, officers observed a broken transmission on VHF 16. Then they observed a vessel in distress at the Harbor Entrance, with the 3 Persons onboard using paddles to return to the Harbor. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and safely towed the disabled vessel to the launch ramp where it was released.

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