The CAPS Media board of directors is very pleased to welcome three new members

Alexander Blomquist, Liliana Cagnacci, Kelly Quinn, Olivia Blomquist, Sean Quinn, Livia Vertucci and Adeline Vertucci of the Loma Vista 4-H in the KPPQ studio.

by CAPS staff

The Loma Vista 4-H club of Ventura, part of the University of California’s outreach program, spent 4 weeks at the CAPS Media’s KPPQ-LP Ventura Radio Station. Actively engaged in the creative radio production classes the young DJs learned about community radio and developed skills to produce entertaining and informative podcasts and radio shows. The enthusiastic students, ages 11 to 16, explored a variety of topics including worldwide cultures, comic book characters, autism and Women Athletes such as Serena Williams. All the students quickly mastered the basics of radio production and plan to continue their shows throughout the year bringing more youth radio to KPPQ-LP Ventura.

The CAPS Media board of directors is very pleased to welcome three new members, all representing partner organizations. Marieanne Quiroz is representing the Ventura Unified School District, Dr. Tim Harrison is representing Ventura College and Bill De La Espriella is representing Ventura County. The CAPS board guides the organization and is comprised of 13 dedicated citizens who are committed to public access and to fulfilling CAPS Media’s mission: To create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media.

Gradation season keeps rolling and CAPS Media is on site recording ceremonies for El Camino High School on June 7 and for Foothill Technology High School on June 13. All of the graduation ceremonies will be recorded and broadcast on CAPS Channel 15 in the weeks following the events. Congratulations to all the 2019 Graduates!

Recently, CAPS Media held a Family Treasures Workshop at the CAPS Media Center. The free, fun and informative event gave family members suggestions and resources for documenting family histories incorporating family stories, interviews, photos, keepsakes, memorabilia and more to create a personalized and professional Family Treasures video. The workshop is the first in a series being held at the CAPS Media Center, 65 Day Road in Ventura. For more information email us at [email protected] or calling 805.658.0500.

The CAPS Media Center belongs to the community of Ventura. Our mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. What does that mean to you? All of the training and resources at the CAPS Media Center are available to you. If you have a story to tell or a message or information you want to share, CAPS will help you share your story. If you are looking for something new to learn or always wanted to host your own radio or television program, check out the CAPS Media Center. To find out more go to, sign up for the next orientation class on the first Thursday of the month and discover that for a low annual membership fee of $25 you can receive hands-on instruction in videography, video editing, radio production (additional fee required) and more. As a CAPS Media Producer/Member you will have access to CAPS Media’s state-of-the-art facilities including video cameras, editing systems, fully equipped television and radio studios and more. Don’t miss out. All of the information is online at, or you can call 805-658-0500 to get complete information.

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