Vol. 12, No. 16 – May 8 – May 21, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

4-24 8:31am, dispatched to a water rescue, swimmer in distress at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist VFD and AMR. An individual jumped off the pier, realized they couldn’t swim and clung onto a piling near the end of the pier far from the beach. Harbor Patrol and VFD rescue swimmers
4-25 10:50pm, dispatched to a water rescue, swimmer in distress in the South Basin of the Harbor. Officers responded with VPD, the individual was trespassing. The young male was pulled from the water and later released to his parents.
4-26 11:03pm, received dispatch to a medical at the intersection of Harbor/Spinnaker. Officers responded and assisted VPD/AMR with a 51 year old female transient who sustained traumatic injuries while pan handling.

11:33pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers were notified that a jeep was stuck in the breeched Santa Clara Rivermouth. Several attempts were made to pull the new vehicle out, but were unsuccessful. Eventually the next day, Tow Boat US was able to pull the Jeep out with a bull dozer, a complete loss.

4-27 1:55pm, received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked near 1575 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and with the assistance of VPD determined the vehicle was stolen from Anaheim. VPD had the vehicle towed.
4-28 9:22am, officers monitoring State Parks lifeguard candidates training at the South Beach groin. They are swimming and conducting ins/outs at the beach.

6:20pm, received reports of a large fishing vessel shooting red parachute flares near Arco island. After an investigation, US coast guard confirmed that the flares were just a test with USCG permission, the vessel was not in any distress.

4-29 8:00am, Ventura Harbor Patrol and Marine Safety officers along with Ventura City, Ventura County, Carpenteria fire departments conducting annual USLA rescue swimmer 40hr class at the Ventura Port District and South Beach.

8:29pm, received a report of an intoxicated male stumbling and tripping on the promenade near 1800 Spinnaker Dr. Officers investigated and discovered an individual with a moderate head injury from a fall. With assistance from VFD, he was treated at the scene and transported to local hospital by AMR.

4-30 8:00am, Ventura Harbor patrol and Marine Safety Officers participating in USLA rescue swimmer training at Oxnard shores with several agencies.
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