Cabrillo Jazz Band to perform near and far this Spring

Kids playing jazz, how wonderful!

The Cabrillo Middle School Jazz Band has a full performance calendar this Spring with appearances and competitions at a wide variety of events from auctions and carnivals to law firm mixers and graduations. Competitions will take them as far as San Francisco this month alone. The 19-piece jazz group is led by the school’s music director, Mario Boccali. And, while he leads three wind ensemble groups and three string orchestras, there is clearly a special place in his heart for his jazz bands.

With nine jazz band performances scheduled in a three-month span – most outside school hours – Boccali’s dedication to the students’ success is evident to many. The choice to have the Jazz Band at an upcoming event was an easy one according to Mike Velthoen, managing partner of Ferguson Case Orr Paterson.

Most band members didn’t play an instrument before entering middle school in sixth grade, explained Boccali. The band, which features comprehensive rhythm and brass sections regularly takes home a number of awards both individually and as a group.

The event at the law firm is part of the organization’s “Engage and Enlighten” series which has featured musicians, authors and other artists in the recent past. The event is open to the public, however an RSVP to the firm is requested.

In addition to the May 2nd performance at Ferguson Case Orr Paterson, the Jazz Band is scheduled to perform publicly at the Museum of Ventura County on May 5th, the Loma Vista Elementary School Carnival on May 10th, the Westlake Jazz Festival on May 11th and a benefit concert at Boccoli’s in Ojai on May 18th.

RSVP for the May 2nd event at Ferguson Case Orr Paterson by calling (805) 659-6800.

is open to the public.

How long have you been leading the jazz band

  • 2005

How long have you been music director at Cabrillo

  • 2002/2003

What do you like about leading the jazz band

  • That it’s get to explore ameircan music, art form, and kids a chance to be creative, right on the spot in the form of imporivinsng

What are your music philosophies when teaching kids jazz

  • I want them to basically get to know the art form, want them to learn how to play without having to read music, play by ear, be able to create a solo.

I want them to be able to learn how to be creatinv on the spot, jazz gives them an opp to this, it’s an oral tradition, not helpd to the restriction what the composer wrote, piece of what people created, put their own input on It, wonderful for studenad and jazz

They regularly have events over there, I don’t’ know how often, he approvedhed him last year. I didn’t know much about it, got it on the schedule for this year, and he mentioned it, publicity. Supporing tht ekdis is terrific, kids sounds amazing and a lot of the community doesn’t get to hear them.

They have regular mixers for their clients,

People have been

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