City of Ventura 2018 Part I Crime Statistics

In 2018, Part I Crimes in the City of Ventura totaled 3,959, representing an overall decrease of 155 Part I Crimes or 3.77 percent from 2017. The Per Capita Crime Index decreased slightly to 35.6 crimes per thousand residents, compared to 37.7 in 2017, 38.04 in 2016, and 39.2 in 2015.

Ventura’s Violent Crime decreased by 3.26 percent with 15 fewer crimes reported than the previous year. Aggravated Assaults represented the most notable reduction in violent crime in 2018, with 12 fewer reported cases, and rapes decreased by nine from 63 to 54. Robberies represented the lone increase in Violent Crime increasing from 111 in 2017, to 117 in 2018. There were two homicides in 2018, equal to the previous year.

In comparison to 2017, reported Part I Property Crimes in 2018 for the City of Ventura decreased by 140 crimes or 3.8 percent. Residential burglaries accounted for the most significant reduction, a decrease of

25.95 percent or 75 total cases, while non-residential burglaries dropped by 29 reported cases from 296 to

267. Auto thefts remained relatively steady with 334 reported in 2018. Arsons doubled from 16 in 2017, to 32 in 2018. Although there was an overall reduction in Part 1 Property Crimes, Ventura experienced a 21.7 percent increase in thefts from vehicles which jumped from 1013 in 2017 to 1233 in 2018. Many of these were crimes of opportunity, the result of property left in plain view or vehicles left unlocked. The property loss value from Part I Property Crimes totaled $6.2 million.

Ventura Police Officers arrested 6554 persons in 2018 and the Ventura Police Department handled approximately 98,652 calls for service compared to 93,242 calls from the previous year. The most common arrests were Narcotics related offenses, followed by Misdemeanor Bench Warrants, Drunk in Public, Probation Violations, and Drunk Driving.

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