Vol. 12, No. 11 – Feb 27 – Mar 12, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

2-4 4:45pm, while on patrol, officers Beach Hazard assessment: water quality very poor due to both rivers and river mouths (Santa Clara / Ventura) are flowing heavily from the recent rains. The wind is stirring up the waves tremendously forcing the National Weather Service to post a Small Craft Advisory.
2-6 2:50pm, observed several Hazards-to-Navigation throughout the harbor: large logs from the many storms washing them down the Santa Clara River and the Barranca in the keys. The logs were removed and taken out at the launch ramp.
2-8 11:30am, received a report of a lost dog from the owner. The dog escaped from his vehicle. Officers searched by boat and by vehicle and were able to locate the k-nine at the Santa Clara Rivermouth and return to the owner.
2-9 9:55am, received a report of a vessel sinking in the keys. Officers responded, pumped out the 16ft electric craft and towed it to the boatyard for haul-out.

11:15pm, contacted 3 fishermen on an 8ft inflatable in the Harbor entrance for multiple hoopnetting and safety violations. Their voyage was terminated; they were escorted to the L/R due to lack of navigation lights and no lifejackets.

2-11 4:53pm, received a report of a local transient trespassing in the restrooms of Ventura Isle Marina. Officers responded with Ventura Police to the call. The transient was searched for contraband and issued a no trespass order.
2-13 9:15am, received a report of an individual unconscious in the 1597 Spinnaker restrooms. Officers responded and found the individual unresponsive. Eventually the individual was awakened and removed from the restroom. He is a local transient who is under a no trespass order and he left the area quickly.
2-14 8:37pm, received a report of a flare sighting with the flare landing near the intersection at Harbor Blvd and Olivas. A search was conducted, including utilizing night-vision to search the area for a disabled vessel, but none found.

1:10pm, received a report of a hazard-to-navigation, a large tree branch caught underneath a sailboat in VWM. Officers responded but were unable to dislodge the object, a dive service was called to remove the object.







8:57am, received a report of a sailing vessel bow line unsecured at VIM end-tie. Officers responded and re-secured the vessel to its berthing.

3:25pm, officers observed and reported several oiled grebes near the launch ramp to sea bird rescue. They assisted capturing the birds for oil/tar removal.

2:55pm, received a report of a pedal boat besieged by the wind near the launch ramp. Officers responded in the fireboat, found the pedal boat, took the two passengers aboard and towed the vessel to the rental dock in the Harbor village

10:40am, dispatched to a man slumped over his steering wheel near 1691 Spinnaker. Officers responded and found a 70 year old unresponsive but with a pulse. Eventually he regained consciousness and was taken by ambulance to local hospital for further evaluation by AMR.

11:50am, received a report of a vessel taking on water at VHV. Officers responded in the vehicle with a portable de-watering pump. After a quick assessment officers de-watered approximately 80 gallons of water out of the vessel forward hatch, but were unable to get to the bilge. A bilge pump was discovered and officers were able to get it working and dewatered the boat.

3:59pm, dispatched to an assault victim at Marina Park. Officers staged in Boat 19 at the city dock to Marina Park. The patient was treated at the scene by AMR and Ventura fire department.

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