Vol. 12, No. 10 – Feb 13 – Feb 26, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-23 11:49am, dispatched to a vehicle vs pedestrian at Harbor and Schooner. Officers responded and found a cyclist who suffered minor injuries but was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.
1-24 3:45pm, received a request for assistance from a disabled sailboat. Officers responded, placed the vessel into a sidetie and towed to VWM C-dock.

7:09pm, received dispatch to a fall victim at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a 70 year old female with moderate injuries from the fall. She was transported to local hospital by AMR.

1-25 2:18pm, dispatched to water rescue, swimmers in a rip current at Marina Park. Officers responded and assisted VFD and State Parks with the rescue.
1-26 3:33pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person at Ventura Marina community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the call.
1-27 4:15pm, contacted by captain of a disabled sailing vessel at the #2 Buoy. They have lost power and need assistance. Officers responded and assisted.
1-28 9:48am, dispatched to River Haven for assistance. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a patient suffering breathing problems. He was treated and transported to local hospital for his injuries.

3:05pm, officers removed a hazard to navigation, a large log at the laun. ramp.

1-29 3:45pm, received dispatch to a 50ft vessel on fire, 8 miles South of the Harbor. Officers responded with VFD engine 2 to the vessel in the shipping lane. After experiencing rough seas, HP fireboat began fire suppression of the commercial fishing vessel. During the firefight, the fireboats plumbing failed and dewatering of the bilge began. US coast guard took over the call. The vessel burned for a few hours and was eventually towed to its homeport in LA.
1-30 11:54am, dispatched to a drowning victim at VWM A-dock. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and discovered an elderly female DOA in the water, then pulled onto the dock. The incident was handled by Ventura PD.
1-31 7:15am, officers observed significant weather, lightning strikes, very close to the harbor, strong downpours and loud thunder.
2-1 1:40pm, while on patrol in Boat17, officers observed a hazard to navigation, an abandoned hoopnet at the North end of the breakwall and removed it.
2-2 11:25am, received a report of a vessel taking on water at VWM D-dock. Officers responded, dewatered the vessel and searched for a source, but UTL.

3:35pm, measuring 2.3 inches of rain from the most recent new storm.

2-3 7:30am, receiving multiple calls about hazards to navigation all throughout the harbor, logs and other various debris. Also monitoring large waves breaking across the entrance. Officers communicating with captains about safe transits.

2:45pm, officers escorting a sailboat attempting to enter the harbor.

5:05pm,Beach Hazard assessment:6-8ft NW swells, massive erosion and wood debris littering the beach from Harbor cove to Santa Clara Rivermouth.

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