Who doesn’t want to be an author?

That lifelong dream can now become a reality.

Award -winning journalist, author and publisher Beverly Russell will give you all the answers about how to go about publishing your own book on a budget.

Classes for the six-week course will be at the Senior Center, 550 N. Ventura Avenue, and will take place every Thursday from 2-3 p.m, from February 7 thru March 14. Russell has self-published six books on a wide variety of genres including her own critically applauded autobiography. Other book topics she has written about include gardening, aging, cooking, meditation, as well as a children’s book.

Author-editor Russell’s classes will focus on indie book publishing – helping would-be authors to get their work published in a professional way using new digital technology.

Guest speakers at her classes include, Ventura author Ivor Davis, who will join Russell to talk about his own experiences in the self-publishing field.

Another guest lecturer will be Indie publishing counselor Ben Swihart who will talk about other success stories in the local self-publishing field.

Walk-ins welcome. Classes are $5 per class of $30 for the full six weeks course.

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