Vol. 12, No. 9 – Jan 30 – Feb 12, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-09 7:15am, while on patrol, officers observed large waves breaking all around the harbor. Waves are expected to build throughout the day, Marine Safety and Harbor patrol officers making preparations for the impact of the big swell.
1-10 1:42pm, dispatched to a water rescue, surfer in distress off of Martha’s Vineyard lane. Officers responded and searched the area, eventually finding a few surfers who were not in any distress, just riding big hazardous waves.
1-12 9:33am, while manning the operations center, received a report of a transient sleeping in the 1593 Restrooms. Officers responded, found the subject and removed him and his belongings from the restrooms.
1-13 8:55am, dispatched to a fire in the riverbottom. Officers responded with Ventura Fire Department and discovered a light smell of smoke but were unable to locate visible smoke or fire in the area reported.
1-14 4:50pm, while on patrol officers made beach hazard assessment. Large waves and extremely strong lateral currents affecting shoreline from South Jetty to Santa Clara Rivermouth. Beach erosion is significant, a few ft from water enough to leaving just a few feet from the beach dunes to the waterline.
1-15 8:40am, while performing pre operations of the patrol vessels, officers were chased by a large aggressive sea lion off the dock.
1-18 7:01am, Beach Hazard Assessment, officers responding to and observing several incidents related to the High Surf and Small Craft Advisories. Severe beach erosion, storm surge has sent water into the parking lot at Harbor Cove forcing patrol to close the South end of the lot, several of the navigation buoys in the Harbor are off station and the out-rigger clubs were advised of the high water and were forced to move their canoes to higher ground at Harbor Cove.

10:01am, dispatched to a water rescue at the Ventura Pier, surfer in distress. Officers responded in the fireboat and found the surfer not in distress.

2:00pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue, swimmer in distress off of San Pedro Lane. The swimmer made it safely to the shore, no injuries.

1-19 10:20am, received a request from the captain of the disabled National Park Service Ocean Ranger for a tow. Officers responded and towed the vessel.
1-20 7:45am, officers are observing “King-Tides” and recording the event through-out the harbor. Tides: 6.9ft at 7:54am. No damage was reported.

5:12pm: while on patrol, officers received a report of a vehicle colliding with a fire hydrant at 1575 Spinnaker Drive, sheering it off. Officers responded with VFD, VPD, Ventura Water and Carlson Towing. No injuries were sustained by the subject. The water was turned off and the vehicle towed.

8:15pm, observing the “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse occurring. Also observing strong winds, 35-40 knots out of the West.

01/21/19 10:59am, dispatched to a medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a female with moderate injuries.

3:45pm, received a report of a possible fuel spill at Ventura Isle Marina. Officers responded, searched the area, found a small sheen, but UTL source.

6:17pm, received a report of a vessel in distress from VPD dispatch. While responding, received call from the captain of the disabled vessel, they have wrapped their prop with line from a hoopnet. Advised to put on lifejackets and drop anchor. After difficulty ascertaining the location of the vessel due to the captain’s lack of local knowledge and Small Craft Advisory conditions, officers were able to co-ordinate with Ventura Fire to rescue the 3 persons onboard who were cast overboard in the rough conditions. All 3 persons were evaluated for moderate injuries, later released. Vessel stranded on the rocks.

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