Fitting exercise and physical activity into your day

“The problem is I keep stopping to shop.”

Don’t let a busy day stop you from exercising! There are many ways to squeeze a little physical activity into your day. To get the most out of exercise and physical activity, they need to be a regular part of your life.

Here are some ideas to help you fit physical activity into your day:

  • Make it a priority. Remember that being active is one of the most important things you can do each day to maintain and improve health.
  • Sticky note that says “exercise”
  • Make it easy. You are more likely to exercise if it’s a convenient part of your day.
  • Walk the entire mall or every aisle of the grocery store when you go shopping.
  • Try being active first thing in the morning before you get too busy.
  • Join a gym that’s close to your home and easy to get to.
  • Take one or more flights of stairs up and two down.
  • Make it social. Many people agree that an “exercise buddy” keeps them going.
  • Take a walk during lunch with coworkers.
  • Try a dance class—salsa, tango, square dancing—it’s up to you.
  • Use family gatherings as a time to play team sports or do outdoor activities.
  • Make it fun. Do activities you enjoy to make exercise more fun, if you love the outdoors, try biking or hiking, or try listening to music while you garden or wash the car.
  • Make it happen. Plan to be active in many places and many ways.
  • Be realistic based on how physically active you are now.
  • Be specific in the details.
  • Include a weekly worksheet that details your activities.
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