NAVFAC has announced its selection for the 2019 Civilian Engineer of the Year Award

“It is an honor and a privilege to be named NAVFAC EXWC’s Civilian Engineer of the Year.”

Tami Relph, a Ventura resident and environmental sustainability lead at NAVFAC EXWC, was selected as Civilian Engineer of the Year for her leadership capabilities and dedication to the U.S. Navy’s Environmental Security Program and the NAVFAC enterprise.

“This award recognizes a talented and dedicated engineer who has provided significant contributions to the environmental security program through professional excellence and dedication to service,” said Capt. Michael Saum, EXWC commanding officer.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be named NAVFAC EXWC’s Civilian Engineer of the Year,” said Relph. “The Navy has provided countless opportunities that have enabled the development of my professional skillset, which has largely attributed to my success.”

Over the past five years, Relph has provided managerial direction to several high-profile environmental security issues, such as measuring the impact of water conservation on wastewater collection systems and drinking water distribution systems; demonstrating technology to recycle water from hydrant flushing operations; optimizing energy usage at wastewater treatment facilities; and developing a water security decision tool for Department of Defense (DOD) installations.

Relph has spent the past two years providing training on water resources and infrastructure sustainability topics for the Navy’s Pacific Fleet Pacific Partnership Subject Matter Expert Engagement in Sri Lanka.

Relph also serves as an Environmental Security Technology Certification Program Energy-Water Committee member and project technical advisor. She recently completed the DOD’s premier Executive Leadership Development Program intended to foster senior civilian leadership by teaching program members numerous facets of interagency cooperation.

Relph’s commitment to refine her professional skillset brands her an experiential leader and defines her as a trailblazer of sustainability initiatives within the DOD. Relph has an outstanding record of performance, which has resulted in the sustainment of client relations and business opportunities within the command.

In addition to her professional obligations, Relph volunteers with Engineers Without Borders—a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit humanitarian organization that partners with engineers and developing countries—where she evaluates environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects that support community-driven, small-scale infrastructure needs in developing countries.

NAVFAC EXWC is a command of more than 1,300 dedicated federal employees, contractors, and military personnel who provide specialized facilities engineering, technology solutions, and life-cycle management of expeditionary equipment to the Navy, Marine Corps, federal agencies, and other Department of Defense supported commands.

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