Vol. 12, No. 3 – Nov 7 – Nov 20, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


2:02pm, received a dispatch to a person trapped in an elevator at 1591 Spinnaker Drive. Officers were on patrol in the vehicle and responded. The individual, a UPS delivery drive was extricated from the elevator unharmed.


7:30am, observed a male/female illegally camping in their vehicle in the VIM lot. A warning was issued and the couple was assisted with a jumpstart.

12:15pm, issued a warning to a male/female arguing at the Halloween Dog Costume event. The two went their separate ways and no further action taken.


4:48pm, while on patrol in Boat19, officers issued warnings to rented peddle-boat operators who were within 30ft of sealions hauled out on the dock. It is a federal crime to harass or even be within 30ft of endangered sealions.


4:16pm, during shift change, received a dispatch to a water rescue, kite surfers in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in the Fireboat along with Ventura fire, State Parks, VC sheriff helicopter and AMR medics. When officers arrived on scene they found two kite surfers performing self-rescues and making their way to the beach downcoast of the pier.


10:55pm, received a report of a submerged vessel in the Ventura Keys at 1000 block of Peninsula. Officers responded and found a 17ft center console motor boat sunk to its bimini at the dock. TowBoat US was contacted for the salvage


9:57pm, while on patrol, officers observing the welfare of a homeless woman screaming while walking towards the beach. She eventually made it to the beach without incident, except for screaming profanities.


2:40pm, received a request to assist an individual who lost her Ipad. After an exhaustive search, including assistance from the “find my Ipad” application, the lost item was discovered by officers at the Brophy Brothers restaurant in Santa Barbara


7:10am, received a report of a large disabled dive vessel just outside the Harbor requesting assistance. Officers responded and assisted the dive boat Sprectre safely return to their slip in Ventura Harbor Village.


11:50pm, received a report of a vessel operating recklessly in the main portion of the harbor from a live aboard. Officers investigated and found a vessel fitting the description of the disturbing party and made contact at the launch ramp. The operator admitted to the violation and was sternly warned to refrain from reckless and negligent operation in the future.


11:30pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed several vehicles illegally parked without permits in VHV overflow lot. Parking citations were issued to several vehicles and individual’s camping in their vehicles were asked to leave the area to find appropriate areas to camp/sleep.

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