Dedicated athlete Ross Hoffman writes rapid recovery book

“One of my main reasons for staying in shape is to keep up with my grandchildren.”

Ross Hoffman, president and CEO of Hoffman & Associates, has released his book “Back and Better, 37 Rapid Recovery Exercises I Use When Injured or Bedridden.”

The print copies are available at $29.95 on Amazon. The book is printed spiral bound to make it easier to reference during use.

All my life I’ve been an athlete. What that means for me is that I pay special attention to my body, because it is the key to my performance,” said Hoffman, who recently suffered two accidents with resulting injuries, which required surgery in 2016 for a double meniscus tear and in 2017 for a broken shoulder socket. “I also pay special attention to my mind, because no matter how well I train my body, if my mind isn’t envisioning what I need to do, my body won’t be able to respond.”

After the 2017 surgery, lying in his hospital room, Hoffman wondered what he could do to expedite his recovery, not wanting to just lie there until he was released to go home. He was concerned that any inactivity could lead to negative results, his recovery time might take longer and his body might start to atrophy.

I started developing a group of exercises that I could successfully perform while still in my bed lying down. These exercises helped me in my personal recovery program,” noted Hoffman. “I want to share what exercises I performed to help myself and how I benefited. This book is based solely on my experience and is not a recommendation to anyone at any time.”

Hoffman played college baseball at UCLA as their starting first-baseman and clean-up hitter. After graduating, he was drafted by the Montreal Expos, who turned him into a pitcher.

I’ve channeled my love of sports into participating in tennis and triathlons and then later into playing golf,” concluded Hoffman. “Now I’m over 70 years of age and one of my main reasons for staying in shape is to keep up with my grandchildren.”

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