Alex Waites, of Resin. A. Waites to host in-person workshop Nov. 10

On November 10th from 2pm to 5pm or later, Alex Waites, of Resin. A. Waites will be hosting an in-person workshop for artistic healing and learning. He will teach his methodology of resin and mixed media, not only going over the practice of art, but the healing that takes place within the creations.

Alex is offering two complimentary art lessons November 10th at the “THE SPACE” in Ventura. 1779 E. Main Street. Other class attendees will pay a nominal fee for materials and space provided, along with intimate art instruction.

Alex the owner and operator of Xpanded Therapies, specializing in physical healing through Brain Balance, Bodywork, Cupping, and BioMag Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy. The balance of left brain/right brain brings forth “art healing” through two distinct methods. Art and Physical Health.

Learn more about Resin. A. Waites on Instagram @resin.a.waites and Xpanded Therapies | For bookings, call 805.765.1950.

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