Vol. 11, No. 25 – Sept 12 – Sept 25, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

9:40am, received dispatch to a medical in the RiverHaven encampment. Officers responded and assisted a patient complaining of a hemorrhaging.

1:21pm, received a report of a vessel in distress near the Greenock Lane jetty from State Parks. Officers responded in the Fireboat that was conducting a sea-trial nearby. The inflatable was taken en tow from a lifeguard who swam the disabled vessel out of the surfline to the fireboat.

5:50pm, officers responded and assisted a patient in the mobile home park.

7:02pm, dispatched to a medical trauma at the VYC. The patient was hit in the head with a boom from the mast of their boat. They were transported to local hospital by AMR for further evaluation.

9:00am, received a report of an injured night-herring. Officers retrieved the bird for volunteer rescue to pick up and take to rehabilitation.

6:20pm, dispatched to a water rescue at the Ventura Pier, kite surfer in distress. Officers responded in Boat 19 to assist State Parks with the call. The kite surfer was safely escorted to the shore.

3:00pm, received a dispatch to a medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/VPD to the call, the patient refused assistance.

8:53pm, dispatched with multiple agencies to a water rescue near Seaward. After a brief investigation all victims were found safe on the beach.

11:45am, U.S. coast guard investigating the fishing vessel Ocean Angel II for listing heavily to the bow. Officers advised that the vessel has approximately 1000 gallons of diesel in the forward bilge. The owners were working on ways to mitigate the situation. Crew members removed the fuel.

5:36pm, dispatched to a traumatic medical at VWM C-dock. Officers responded with Goldcoast medics/VFD and assisted a 66 year old male who fainted and sustained major head trauma. He was placed on a backboard/C-spined and transported to local hospital for further treatment.

7:41pm, received a dispatch to assault victims at 1500 Anchors Way Dr. Officers responded with AMR, VPD was already on scene investigating. Three victims were assessed, on sustained major head trauma and was placed on C-spine board and transported to local hospital. One was released with minor injuries and one was arrested for disruptive/resistive actions.

3:34pm, received report of a capsized catamaran off McGrath State Beach. Officers responded, righted the vessel, towed it back to the launch ramp.

3:37pm, received a report of a capsized kayak near the South Jetty in the surfline. Officers responded in the Fireboat, pulled the person from the water and towed the kayak to Harbor Cove beach. No injuries were sustained.

5:10pm, dispatched to a traffic accident at 1363 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and found a vehicle had veered off the road into the parking lot colliding with a parked vehicle, 3 medians. No one was injured in the crash.

10:47am, dispatched to medical at mobile home park. Officers responded and assisted AMR/VFD with a person complaining of difficulty breathing.

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