Vol. 11, No. 23 – Aug 15 – Aug 28, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

7-27 11:50am, received a request to assist Ventura PD with two individuals fighting in the entry feature at Spinnaker/Harbor. Officers responded and found the two fighting because one large transient asked the man in his vehicle for money and he told him to get a job, the transient punched him in his face and the fight continued into the street. The transient was arrested for assault.

7-28 10:40am, received a request for traffic control for TowBoat U.S. They are towing a large sailboat out of the harbor. Officers responded and blocked traffic for the tow. The vessel was safely towed out of the harbor.

7-29 11:25am, while on patrol, officers contacted a small vessel with 8 persons onboard and no lifejackets on the boat. The vessels voyage was terminated and the boat was escorted back to the Ventura Keys.

7-30 8:45am, received request to lower flags to half-mast due to the passing of local fire captain.

    1. 1:16pm, received a request for the beach wheel chair for a 92 year old female. Officers delivered the chair to the individual at Surfers Knoll.

3:21pm, received a report of two Personal Water Craft operating in violation of 302(b) VHO – speeding in the keys area of the Harbor. Officers responded, contacted the operators of the two vessels issuing warnings for the violation.

3:40pm, picked up a found baby bird at the fuel dock. Bird rescue was contacted and they retrieved the bird for further care and rehabilitation.

8-05 9:59am, dispatched to a fall victim at the Holiday Inn Express. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a 71 year old female experiencing extreme back pain. The patient was treated and transported to local hospital.

8-06 12:38pm, dispatched to a sick person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with Ventura FD and assisted an elderly male.

6:55pm, received a report of a large fuel spill in the mid area of the Harbor from a tenant in Ventura Isle Marina. Officers responded and found small patches of a light sheen. With assistance from Tow Boat US and Patriot services who were in the area with another operation, officers were able to retrieve some of the sheen with an absorbent boom.

8-07 7:10am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers issued a written warning to a couple who have been camping on the beach near Surfers Knoll. They were encouraged to take down the tent and to not camp in the Harbor.

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