Vol. 11, No. 22 – Aug 1 – Aug 14, 2018 – Police Reports

by Cindy Summers

Police reports are provided to us by the Ventura  Police Department and are not the opinions of  the Ventura Breeze. All suspects mentioned  are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty  in a court of law.

Residential Burglary and Possession for Sales Arrest

On July 13, at approximately 10am, officers responded to a call regarding a suspicious subject knocking on multiple residences’ doors in the area of the 100 block of Gay Drive. When officers arrived, 23 year old Ventura resident Allen Minot was seen walking away from a residence. The investigation revealed he entered the house, removed property from the residence and hid it nearby. He was also found to be in possession of a large quantity of prescription drugs (Xanax). Minot’s vehicle was parked nearby, and the second suspect, 27 year old Moorpark resident Kevin McNicol, was seated in the vehicle. He was found to be in possession of heroin.

At the conclusion of the investigation, McNicol was arrested for the misdemeanor charge possession of heroin and booked into Ventura County Jail. Minot was arrested and booked into Ventura County Jail for residential burglary and possession for sales of Xanax. Officers recovered the stolen property and returned it to the victim.

Arson Arrest

On July 18, at approximately 10:23am, a passerby on Brannan St. in East Ventura notified the Fire Command Center that black smoke was pouring from a window of a single story single family residence and it was unknown if anyone was inside. Fire personnel arrived on scene and forced open the door to the residence and commenced a fire attack. The fire was located in a bathroom off the master bedroom. The fire engulfed items within the bathroom and blew out the window. Firefighters knocked down the fire in approximately 12 minutes. A search of the home was made and a dog and cat were located trapped inside a room and were brought to safety. No one was home at the time of the fire.


On July 19, at approximately 10:30pm, the Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call from the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor reporting a robbery that just occurred.

The suspect, 35 year old Ventura vagrant Scott Russell, entered the business and demanded money from the clerk while claiming to be armed with a gun. The clerk gave Russell the money from behind the register. Russell then fled on foot from the business. Officers arrived on scene a few moments later and located the Russell a short distance away. After a short foot pursuit where Russell was dropping money taken from the business, he was taken into custody without incident.

Residential Burglary and Prowling Arrest

On July 20, at approximately 12:30am, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from an alarm company reporting a residential alarm at a residence in the 2200 block of Vista Del Mar Rd. Shortly after receiving the first call from the alarm company, several neighbors of the residence called 911 reporting a subject was found breaking into the same location and was being detained in the backyard. Officers responded to the scene and detained the subject, later identified as the suspect 25 year old vagrant Santos Velasquez.

During the investigation, officers learned that Velasquez had entered the garage of an additional residence in the 2200 block of Vista Del Mar Rd. and used a tool in an attempt to force his way inside. When he was unsuccessful, Velasquez forced his way into a window of the second residence and activated the alarm. Nearby neighbors heard the alarm sounding and saw Velasquez inside. He was detained by the neighbors as he tried leaving with stolen property.

Velasquez was seen prowling on the property of other residences in the area prior to the burglary.

Foot Pursuit Concealed Weapon Arrest

On July 21, at approximately 8:30pm, the Ventura Police Command Center received a call reporting that a wanted subject, 27 year old Ventura resident Oscar Espino, was seen walking on the Promenade going towards the Pier from Surfers Point parking lot. As the first officer arrived on scene he spotted Espino on the pier. Espino knowing that he had been seen by the officer actively tried to evade the officer.

As more officers arrived, a lengthy foot pursuit ensued that lead officers from the pier to the Harbor Blvd parking structure. During the foot pursuit Espino refused to comply with orders from the officers to stop. Espino eventually made it to the intersection of Harbor and California where he was cornered by both VPD officers and a State Parks Ranger. Again, Espino refused to comply with verbal commands and he was forced to the ground and taken into custody. A search of Espino after the arrest, officers discovered that he was carrying a concealed machete hidden inside his pants.

Espino was arrested for felony possession of the dirk or dagger and misdemeanor resisting or delaying an officer as well as his warrants.

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