Rabbi Akiva to be discussed at Congregation Am HaYam

As a reminder that there have been times when modesty, humility and the idea that the power of the patriarch must be limited both by the written and the oral law, Congregation Am HaYam has selected for its Book Club discussion Rabbi Akiva, Sage of the Talmud, by Barry W. Holtz

The book recounts the life and teachings of Judaism’s first great rabbi who lived during the time of the destruction of the Second Temple and fought the Romans in 135 CE. Even those who have not read the book are invited to the discussion which will occur at the conclusion of the regular Sabbath Service Saturday, August 4t,h which begins at 10 am.

Congregation Am HaYam is located at 4839 Market Street, Suite C, Ventura. There is no fee, but visitors are asked to call 805 644-2899 to make a reservation.

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