MNEMONIC at H Gallery

A photographer’s ability to capture the instances most people do not see can document historical events, change popular perspectives or simply preserve a beautiful image. The photographers selected for MNEMONIC combine vivid lived experience with aesthetic purposefulness, allowing viewers to share in unexpected moments of transcendence.

Working from personal experience, sometimes with subjects overlooked or considered rogue, MNEMONIC is an exhibition comprised of 38 photographers from around the world. The works featured are the examinations of their individual obsessions, juggling the immediacy of expression with technical perfection.

Juried from over 1500 entries, these 38 artists have captured moments of real life, staged their own worlds or created commentary on their personal surroundings. This international group of photographers embraces moments of both reality and idealism through their unique viewpoints and strong aesthetic preferences, collectively creating a perfectly balanced and powerful photo exhibition.

Distinguished Juror Michael Miner started his professional career in Hollywood as a cinematographer and director/cameraman. Finding success as a writer, he co-wrote the screenplay for Robocop, which received a Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Screenplay and a nomination for Best Screenplay by the Mystery Writers of America.

Showing until July 22 H Gallery 1793 East Main Street 805 626 8876

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