Diversity and promise at Ventura College

The festival provided ample opportunities to highlight various cultural backgrounds.

Ventura College held the 3rd Annual Diversity in Culture Festival on Wednesday and Thursday, April 11&12. The Diversity in Culture Festival is a free, two-day public event that has been designated by the Ventura College Executive Team as, “Alternative Education Days.” The festival featured a variety of educational opportunities including guest speakers, panel discussions, visual and performing arts, student organizations, food, and a market place. This year’s theme, “Breaking Silence”.

The festival provides ample opportunities to highlight various cultural backgrounds, practices, and topics reflected in the campus and the local community. Annual highlights of the event include a native Chumash ritual; local Danza Aztec groups; and a panel of community religious leaders.

Festival organizer Gigi Fiumerodo states, “Diversity is often defined in many ways. The goal of the festival is to provide opportunities for our students and community to experience all it can be and hopefully learn more about our world and each other. Usually the discovery lies in that we are all more similar than we are different. Additionally, we hope the festival provides an opportunity for gathering, connectivity, and healing for our community.”

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