Vol. 11, No. 15 – Apr 25 – May 8, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

4-4 4:04pm, received report of an individual walking three dogs that are harassing an elephant seal near South Jetty. Officers responded with CI marine mammal wildlife institute and found the seal but the perpetrator was gone. The seal was cordoned off with wood stakes and caution tape, to keep the public away.
4-5 12:29pm, received report of a 5.4 earthquake just off Santa Rosa Island. Minutes later the pacific tsunami center called and advised there was no tsunami threat. Officers fielded phone calls throughout the day for the incident.
4-6 5:34pm, received a report of a sailboard with a torn sail just outside the harbor having difficultly returning. Officers responded found the distressed person and took the sailboard and the sailor onboard the patrol boat. The sailor and board were transported and safely released at the Launch Ramp.
4-7 10:57pm, received a dispatch to a wellness check on a male in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VPD, VFD and AMR to the call. Unfortunately the patient was found deceased at the scene.
4-8 2:10pm, received a report of an injured sea bird in the barranca. Officers responded with CI wildlife to rescue the bird. Officers utilized a ladder to gain access to the bird in the barranca. Rescue took the bird for rehabilitation.








1:40pm, received a dispatch to a stabbing victim at the Holiday Inn. Officers responded and staged until PD deemed the scene was safe.9:20am, while towing a small skiff that was adrift in the Harbor, officers observed a sea otter frolicking in the South Basin of the Harbor. Officers took videos of the otter and sent the information to Fish and Wildlife officers in charge of tracking sea otters for the State.

7:00am, received a dispatch to a medical alarm at Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded, gained entrance and found the patient on the floor. A lift assist was performed and the patient was released at the scene.

8:20am, received a report of a disabled vessel in the South Basin of the harbor. Officers responded, took the sail vessel en tow and safely released it at VIM.

2:03pm, received a dispatch to an investigation at Harbor/Schooner. Officers responded and assisted VFD with a strong odor in the area. After an investigation, nothing was found out-of-the ordinary.

6:53pm, received multiple reports of a sailboat having difficulty navigating near Faria beach in 40 knots of wind. After a few hours of monitoring the sailboats progress, darkness hindered patrols observations of the sailing vessel. Somehow without a motor and destroyed sails, the vessel arrived at our dock.



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