Vol. 11, No. 13 – Mar 28 – Apr 10, 2018 – Opinion/Editorial

• There seems to be a controversy on what the name is, of the new green pig that debuted in the recent St. Pat’s Parade. As you know, in last year’s parade Shamrock the pig died right in front of the judges.

The Ventura Breeze referred to the new pig as “the pig with no name”. Another paper called the pig Shamrock2 while a banner on the pig called it Bacon.

Speaking with some of the pig’s committee members, they all hate the name Bacon and did not approve of it being used. Also many local merchants contributed to the construction of the new pig and feel that they should have had some say in its naming.

The question also remains who owns the pig? The Elks? The pig committee? The community?

In order to resolve this controversy, I have proposed to the committee that we hold a “naming of the pig contest” that would involve all Venturan’s to select a new name.

I will keep you posted on whether this happens. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you think it should be named. Perhaps it should be called barbecue.

The original charming trolley that was no longer usable.

The new trolley.

I am very disappointed with the look of the new Ventura trolley. To me, it just looks like one of our regular blue buses that was just shrunk. The first original trolley looked more like what I think a charming trolley should look like.

In Mexico, there has been yet another killing of a journalist. A Mexican journalist who reported on politics and crime was recently shot dead in the coastal state of Veracruz. There have been 22 journalists slain in Veracruz since 2000.

• Congratulations to the El Camino High School ECTV Crew for winning a series of awards for their programs at CAPSTV. I have had some of the students produce my radio show on KPPQLP at CAP’S studio, and they are wonderful to work with. Read the CAPS article to learn more about these kids.

And speaking of kids, I’m very proud of today’s youths for ‘March for Our Lives’ led by survivors of the Florida massacre. Thousands of high school students and supporters gathered in Washington and across the U.S. on Saturday, March 24, to demand tougher gun laws from an older generation that’s delivered little change after years of mass shootings.

Participants in the rally thronged the presidential inaugural route on Pennsylvania Ave. Speakers from a stage at the foot of Capitol Hill proclaimed the beginning of a political movement.

•Appearing at the Rubicon for a few more days is “KING LEAR. The play is the story of “A narcissistic ruler who craves adulation, exiles those who question his authority, and neglects those on the fringes of society.” Perhaps this refers to a more recent “king”.

•The Ventura City Council voted 6-0 to forgive some water-and sewer-related fees for restoring homes destroyed or significantly damaged by the Thomas Fire. This vote also lets other homeowners petition for relief based on individual circumstances.

The council asked city staff to look at the possibility of using taxpayer money to help offset some of the permit fees related to water or wastewater reconnections.

Council Member Erik Nasarenko questioned why residents should have to pay anything when they have already paid into the system before the fire. Member Matt LaVere wondered if there were some creative ways the council could pay. The main concern is the legality of using city funds for this purpose which was on the minds of council members.

I feel that the City Council is trying very hard to be a fair as possible to fire victims while considering the use of city funds and other residents.

The Breeze has attempted to get answers from Ventura Water regarding this item and also why there was a lack of water to fight the fires, but we haven’t been successful yet

•I was disappointed at first to hear that the Buenaventura Art Gallery building, located on Santa Clara St., is being sold. But happy to find out that the sale will provide the Association with a large amount of money that will allow them to pursue other locations and affiliations within our art community. We have so many amazing artists in Ventura.

•The Gold Coast Transit District has closed several of its bus stops along downtown Main St. They say this helps speed up service on the route. I certainly hope that this is the case and the users of the bus service are happy with this. The stops were on Main at Ash, Laurel, MacMillan, Santa Cruz and Evergreen Drive. The last time that I took a bus was in 1984 for the Olympics in Los Angeles. Perhaps I should try riding a bus again.

•If you want to be even happier, move to Finland (or 16 other countries). The Nordic country is No. 1 in the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations. Following Finland in the top 10 are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

America was in the 18th spot, down four places from last year. Top factors for the decline include weakened social support networks, government and business corruption and a declining confidence in public institutions. I certainly hope that we don’t continue to fall based upon our declining confidence in our leadership.

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