World Central Kitchen back to Ventura

Chef Jose Andres returned to Ventura.

by Jennifer Tipton

Due to the recent heavy rains, many were required once again to evacuate their homes and on March 21st Chef Jose Andres of World Central Kitchen returned to Ventura. Our very own Chef Jason Collis said, “Chef Andres said he wouldn’t stop until the last person in need is fed in Ventura and he meant it!”

The numbers of evacuees grew slowly with thirty on March 22nd and increased to forty on the 23rd however, with numbers this low there was no need to mobilize the Mission Kitchen. Chef Collis stated, “looks like we will go unscathed with this storm which is great news for all of us in Ventura!” When news got out that Chef Collis and World Central Kitchen were once again at evacuation centers providing meals, many of our Ventura neighbors wasted no time offering to help out.

Chef Andres thanked Collis by saying, “On behalf of World Central Kitchen, thank you for the amazing job you are doing for the people of Ventura. You are amazing people, you are the heroes, and we love you”.

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