Vol. 11, No. 12 – Mar 14 – Mar 27, 2018 – Hollywood

by Tony Rizzo

Don’t mess with Meryl Streep! When Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys, trying to get him off of racketeering charges, quoted her as saying, “He has always been respectful to me,” she shot back, “Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys’ use of my statement — that he was not sexually aggressive or physically abusive in our business relationship — as evidence he was not abusive with many other women is pathetic and explosive!” She added, “The criminal actions he is accused of conducting on the bodies of these women are his responsibility, and if there is any justice left in the systems, he will pay for them.”

Netflix is resurrecting more old shows. It will launch a reboot of the classic sci-fi series “Lost in Space” (1965-1968) on April 13. A screener has already sent it to the International Space Station for the astronauts to watch. The series takes place 30 years into the future, when colonization in space is a reality. Starring as John Robinson (played by Guy Williams in the 1960s) will be Toby Stephens, Pierce Brosnan’s 007 villain in “Die Another Day” (2002) and also Starz “Black Sails” series. His wife, Maureen, will be played by Molly Parker (of “House of Cards”) and Will Robinson (Billy Mumy) now will be played by 12-year-old Chicago-born Max Jenkins. Dr. Zackary Smith (Jonathan Harris) has undergone a gender change and will be played by Parker Posey, best known for the Woody Allen films “Irrational Man” (2015) and “Cafe Society” (2016).

Not content to be “spaced out,” Netflix also is reviving “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” with Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper in “Mad Men”) as Sabrina (played by Melissa Joan Hart from 1996-2003). Her aunts will be Miranda Otto (Eowyn in the second and third “Lord of the Rings” films), taking over for Beth Broderick as Zelda Spellman, and Lucy Davis (Etta Candy in “Wonder Woman,”) handling Caroline Rhea’s role of Hilda Spellman.

Even though CBS has Tom Selleck in the hit series “Blue Bloods,” the network is intent in revisiting his days as Thomas Magnum in “Magnum, P.I. (1980-88). For the pilot to sell the series, it has cast Jay Hernandez in Selleck’s star-making role. Hernandez starred in “Hostel” (2005) and the 2007 sequel, and most recently was in “Suicide Squad” (as Chato Santana/El Diablo) and “Bad Mom’s Christmas,” with Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Susan Sarandon.

Finally, billionaire Bill Gates has filmed an appearance in “The Big Bang Theory” that will air later this month. In the show, Penny hosts Gates at her work, and the guys do everything they can to meet him. Gates’ last sitcom appearance was in “Fraser” in 200l. How can anyone survive with only two sitcom appearances in 17 years?

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