Vol. 11, No. 11 – Feb 28 – Mar 13, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

2-7 1:45pm, received a request from Ventura PD to assist in searching for a lost person. A husband and wife were looking for sea glass and the wife disappeared. The husband waited for an hour before contacting PD. After a search, the wife was found around McGrath lake and they were reunited.

2:55pm, received a report of an injured pelican on Spinnaker Drive. Officers assisted CI wildlife institute with the search and capture of the sea bird.

2-8 12:57pm, received a dispatch to a traffic accident, vehicle vs a fire hydrant at 1500 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire & PD with the call. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene but was located nearby. The driver was under investigation for driving under the influence.
2-10 2:45pm, observed a sailboat aground near Clingers Point from the operations center. Officers respondead and assisted the vessel off the sand bar.
2-11 5:01pm, received a report of a few individuals refusing to leave the spoil outflow from the H.R. Morris dredge at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded and made contact with the group. After a debate over local laws, federal laws, and ignorance to law ideas, officers convinced the group to move to a safer area.
2-12 2:22pm, observed a hang glider land at Surfers Knoll. Officers made contact and found out that the individual had flown from Santa Barbara due to the beneficial winds that helped him navigate the hills along PCH.
2-13 8:15am, while on patrol, officers observed a large group of ducklings attempting to cross Southbound lane of Harbor Boulevard. Officers blocked traffic and guided the birds across the street into the bushes safely.

5:31pm, received a dispatch to a traffic collision at intersection of Harbor and Spinnaker. Officers responded and assisted VC fire, VPD and VFD/AMR with the call. Two people were seriously injured and the at-fault driver was under investigation for driving under the influence. The two injured were transported to local hospitals for further evaluation by AMR.

2-17 12:10pm, received a report of a whale carcass approximately 1 mile South of Hueneme Harbor. Officers notified Ventura County Harbor Patrol of the report

2-18 7:45am, officers responded to help escort and conduct traffic control for the H.R. Morris dredge. Several kayakers, out riggers and boaters were contacted to keep the path clear for the large vessel that is extremely limited in their ability to maneuver and stop.

2-19 13:52pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue, kite surfer in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in the fireboat and pulled a 39 year old male from the water with his kite and board. He was transported to the beach and released to State Parks, VFD and AMR for evaluation.

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