Ventura muralist MB Hanrahan striking mural on SOHO Apartments

Ventura muralist MB Hanrahan has completed a striking mural on the SOHO Apartments at 1150 N. Ventura Avenue.

SOHO Apartments is a workforce housing project built by the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura.

The kite idea came to Hanrahan “out of the blue,” she said. “The intention was to create a space of whimsy and high-flying hopes for anyone driving and otherwise moving down the Avenue.”

The work was completed high in the air from a lift donated by Greg Rents. The kites were engineered by Eric Howes. Artist Steve Knauff helped with the installation.

“The Housing Authority believes public art is an important contribution to the community.” said Denise Wise, Housing Authority Chief Executive Officer.

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