The forgotten ones

by Jennifer Tipton

The victims of the Thomas Fires are not limited to those that lost their homes, as was pointed out to me by a dear friend who described it as “the trickle-down effect”. (If you read through today’s issue of the Breeze, you will see who this very perceptive Venturan is…)

Honestly, it had not occurred to me, but along with all the homes that were lost went the housekeepers, the landscapers, the pool guy, the dog walkers, the babysitters and countless others whose livelihood depended on employment in the neighborhoods that burned.

I learned of one woman that has cleaned homes in Ondulando for the same clients for many years and suddenly found herself unemployed. She is not alone.

We as Venturans must be vigilant to help these forgotten victims by making recommendations to our neighbors who may be able to use their services. Word of mouth is the best way to promote a business and sharing is caring.

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